Pirate or Gentleman?

Are you a modern day pirate or a gentleman? An analysis on pirated games versus buying originals

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mega BIG time2822d ago

there's no way i would ever pay $60/game to try every piece of trash that's released these days.

I have a banned xbox that i use to try multiplats, and a legit xbox that I use for retail copies and xbl.

And finally a fat ps3 that i would not dongle, and only load with the exclusives.

Baka-akaB2822d ago

your first argument is a crappy excuse ... especially on 360 where almost everything got a demo , especially xbla games .

And you could always try a full game at the store

Rush2822d ago

Does piracy effect other people though?

In some cases it certainly does, but what about the people that never intended to buy the media the pirate in the first place.

I have and do pirate games, I also buy a lot of games. I buy some consoles games mostly J-RPG's I never pirate them. I also buy a few BioWare games and some other games that appeal to me.

I don't however buy handheld games I pirate them, Handheld games don't appeal to me in the same way in my opinion there not worth the money. I wouldn't spend 30 pound on a handheld game when a full console or PC experience is 30 or 40 pound.

So I pirated a handheld game, have I hurt the developers not really I wouldn't ever buy the game if I couldn't pirate it anyway they haven't lost a sale.

Of course there are people that would otherwise buy them if they couldn't pirate them, that does effect the developers.

And there's also people that pirate games, which games then become a fan of a certain series and they go out and buy the next game day one.

There is no black and white piracy can't just be wrong. However it can't just be right either. Take Anime for example Japanese think tanks now believe piracy is boosting the Anime industry more then hurting it.

Piracy is and has always been a part of society, Developers need to find intelligent ways to protect there software if they need to so badly. I honestly don't see how it's hurting the gaming industry so much when it's an industry almost completely untouched by the recession.

If there games get pirated and it effects them as a company I do feel sorry for them but there not without blame, the industry has proven time and time again good games sell bad games don't.

Developers can sometimes use piracy as a scape goat when they don't hit there targets and need to explain it to the share holders.

Piracy is the devil and the angel of the industry all at the same time, the industry wouldn't be whole without piracy. If it was really effecting developers in the way they like to pretend why is the game industry bigger now then ever?

Am not saying developers shouldn't try to prevent piracy, they should it's common sense but not at the expense of the consumer.

Piracy doesn't effect the consumer at all, it only benefits the consumer. If you believe otherwise your an insane idiot that is easily sawed by the media and shouldn't really have an opinion on anything.

The only people effected by piracy are the developers and the shareholders.

Baka-akaB2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Sorry but your wall of text got nothing to do with what i said .

If you are fine with what you do , then ok , you're fine with it .

Did you come up with the silly excuse that he needs to try games like he did , despites having 3 different easy way to try said games ? No .

That's the difference between you and him , and what rubs me the wrong way .

Just like it always makes me laugh to see people pretending they cracked their psp and ds to launch crappy and useless PDA software and what not .
odds are most do it for games , be it emu or those of the platform involved . They should just be honest with themselves , like you somewhat seems to do .

PS : and if i were to follow you anyway , there are dozens of example showing the negative and direct impact of your behavior actually on other gamers .

Like downloading tons of pointless updates , being force feeded dlcs from greedy publishers convinced its a way to get back something they never had , and even stupid publishers with drm of the level of Assassin creed .
Most is to be blamed on said Publishers , but "you're" still a tad responsible as well .

But i'll stop there

KRATOS-PS32822d ago

No one forces you to buy every 60$ Game. If you would choose your games like me and buy just these games you really want and play then 60$ are fine. Hacking and modifying consoles is just iniquitous according to all the people who worked for your system or game.

All this Hacking Shit and everything simply casts a damning light on us real gamers who pay honestly for our games!

AssassinHD2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

You could rent from Gamefly, or if that is not available you could simply purchase used games and return them within their return window.

Both options are completely reputable ways of demoing games.

It should be noted that the price of games has remained pretty consistent over the last 20 years.

bumnut2822d ago

Im a PC gamer and do sometime download pirate games try before I buy. If demos where released for all games I would not have to this.

I have been burned buying games which turn out to be crap too many times (im looking at you TDU2)

No demos makes me think you have something to hide = torrent

Baka-akaB2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

i dont entirely agree but it's at least more believable that someone claiming he got to hack a 360 or ps3 to try a game (utter BS) . You can't usually try a pc game at stores .

I'm still baffled that publishers dont just release those full 60 min or more game trials with a bit of protection on pc.
That way they dont even have to waste time and efforts developing a demo .

They know either way that if a punk is motivated enough he'll get the full pirated version anyway .

bumnut2822d ago

60 min trials would be great, ps3 has them (on some games) so why not pc?

Trunkz Jr2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I'm a PC gamer and I don't agree.

If you can't support the gaming industry then you cannot possibly call yourself a gamer. I don't need to play every game out there that gets released. I think if someone makes a good game they deserve my money, and if they don't then why would I want to play it?

Also, pirating a game because they did not release a demo is a poor excuse to do it, your just trying to put the blame on them rather then yourself so you can pirate guilt free. If a game is too expensive for you, then purchase games on steam when they have a sale for it.

You can always read reviews, watch gameplay videos on youtube or even rent the game (non PC) to figure out if a game might fun enough to get, but stop trying to find excuses to being a pirate.

bumnut2822d ago

I buy plenty of games so do support the industry.

If I pirate a game and like it, I will buy it. Reviews are total bs these days, TDU2 got 10/10 reviews so I don't take any notice of them anymore.

I agree with your point of someone making a good game deserves a purchase, but how do I know its a good game with no demo and heavily biased reviews?

Eamon2822d ago

"If you can't support the gaming industry then you cannot possibly call yourself a gamer."

That's BS. A consumer doesn't need to give a damn about the industry. He should be convinced to buy the game, not choose to inject an industry to gain quality titles.

It's like the seller and buyer are exchanging roles.

MsmackyM2822d ago

People will always steal, especially if they feel they can get away with it. Gladly there are enough honest people who love gaming to support it. I don't buy every game that comes out mainly because I don't have the time to play them. If there is a game I am anticipating I don't mind paying for it.

Eamon2822d ago

It's not nice to assume the worst out of people in general. I'm sure more than half of people in (1st world countries at least) would not steal if they could get away with it.

The issue with downloading games is that almost 90% of the people who do download do not consider it theft. That's why their conscience is clear.

LeonVesper2822d ago

(Note: US Citizen. Minimum wage.)

Following up on your rebuttal about video game purchases, people who pirate only try to find that window right after the disk has gone gold or has been leaked to the net a couple of months prior.

I am thinking people who pirate have no real way to manage their own money to buy such a luxury.

I mean, I only get 8 dollars an hour and yet I am planning to get the Hero Edition of inFAMOUS 2 in June. Saving up 20 dollars every two weeks, I already have it made to purchase it before it comes out. If anything, I will have the pre-order paid off by the middle of April and still have enough money from my paycheck to use for food, clothing, and living. I really want that backpack and figure alongside the game.

I don't make as much money as others, and sure I won't be able to purchase all the great titles that are coming out to the PS3, but the excuse that the games are expensive is fairly ludicrous. I only work one day a week and I still have the money to pay for my games. Right now, I am still trying to find out the windows for some of the exclusive titles like The Last Guardian and (potentially) Versus XIII, and multiplatform titles such as ACIII or Armored Core V so I can spread my money out evenly without feeling the sting of losing 60 dollars on the release date. Also, the swag that comes with collector editions are a nice incentive to try and spread my income evenly while knowing my limitations to what I can and cannot buy.

If there is an opinion on a game prior to the release, take it with a grain of salt. Also, here's the kicker, you can get your money back from your pre-order by cancelling it, if you know a hacker or reviewer gave distasteful reviews on the game you wanted to buy.

But, the excuse of games being expensive is subjective, and really is up to the gamer to be responsible with his or her money on purchases they make. People who say games are expensive I believe somewhat inept in managing how they use the money they own (or if they are piggybacking on a financially able individual he or she is living with).

tl;dr: If games are expensive, saving money does work. 60 dollars for a game that is 6 months ahead is 6 weeks of work (or one week, with one paycheck). In the end, planning for a purchase is the most important part as a consumer who claims to be frugal.