Eternal Sonata - Charmingly Average

Kotaku will go ahead and say it right now: Eternal Sonata is the best video game about Chopin ever created. A lofty claim they know, but one they feel confident in standing behind. As a roleplaying game, however, Namco Bandai and Tri-Crescendo's foray into the next-generation RPG could use less focus on next-generation visuals and exposition and a bit more emphasis on compelling, original gameplay.

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power of Green 4041d ago

I like this game it has style...

ElementX4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I agree. The battles are nice compared to other generic battle systems in JRPGs. At least in this game you can move around and you press buttons to attack as opposed to choosing things of a menu.

I also really enjoy the graphic style.

vaan4041d ago

I'll buy this if it does come out on ps3, I love the art direction. Graphics are really nice.

[email protected]4040d ago

I'm sure the PS3 will receive the english version over the US. Namco will localize I'm sure of it.