GamersTV Channel: Killzone 3 Review

The Helghast are back at it again and Rico and Sev continue to fight to make it back to earth. Check out the review at GTC.

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edwineverready2822d ago

5/5 scores are rolling in at the moment. great to see guerilla's hard work is paying off.

GamersTVChannel2822d ago

Yes, the game is really good!

NukaCola2822d ago

Are you on the 20 point system? or only 5 Stars system?

Did you play online. Is the story such a wreck that this FPS is an epic fail like IGNorant says?

Inside_out2822d ago

Impressive!!! No problems at all??? Obviously all the " other " websites are Sony haters and that's why they noticed all those little problems like stuttering frame rates, low res ( 640x360 ) explosions, smoke and particle effects. No problem with the 70+ minutes ( 32 gbs ) of cut scenes??? AI was ingenious problem with all the hand holding in the game play? Did you notice the AI can fly everywhere with the jet pac but you can't...nit picking right...ok

@GamersTv...if you want to be taken seriously as a reviewer, you'll have to do more than post a infomercial about a game. Every dev interview covers what you posted...assuming that you are legit and NOT a fanboy site...BIG " IF " did you start up anyways?

BTW...I like the Sp demo of KZ3 but this game and quite honestly any other is not perfect. It seems you can expect alot of this type of stupidity in a post meta-critic world.

Seijoru2822d ago

Cez you are the most pathetic person on this site that you attack the best looking console game to date with pure stupidity. Kz3 is epic and has received 9s from the sites that matter, sites that have real gamers reviewing games.

ComboBreaker2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

constantly raging at killzone 3, the best looking console game to date. lol.

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Cyrax_872822d ago

It's funny how all the low scores come in as soon as the embargo's lifted. Yet now all we're seeing is 9s and 10s. Obviously they were fishing for hits.

Ame_No_Shiryuu2822d ago

exactly.., however, we could ignore any bad review on PS3 exclusives, because every dedicated game from dedicated first party studio is definitely worth buying.., trust me..

tgh machines2822d ago

They are called "Gamers TV Channel" and they don't even have a video review...Lame.

GamersTVChannel2822d ago

tgh machines, we are a new site and we are working on that.

Asuka2822d ago

nice review. nice website too. just started up huh?! ill hit the forums

GamersTVChannel2822d ago

Thanks for the support Lance.