Divorcing the shooter: How I fell out of love with the FPS

Bitmob Community Writer Rob Haines: At the dawn of the first-person shooter, I was along for the ride. Now, at the peak of the FPS' popularity they hold very little appeal for me.

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MariaHelFutura2823d ago

Being in love w/ shooters is like being in a relationship where your man beats you.

BulletToothtony2823d ago

i fell out of love with fps 1 week after Black Ops came out but i'm back in love at 12:01 tonight

QuakeStyle2823d ago

rpg is the only option, cause 3rd ps, is still an fps.

Relientk772823d ago

Easy, 90% of the games released this generation are shooter games


I want variety

showtimefolks2822d ago

i play some i got into it with rainbow six vegas single player and for online i like kz2 warzone mode

next 2 fps i will buy for 60 are simple

killzone 3
resistance 3

and maybe rage but every other fps for me is a rent because i want to play single player only in crysis,homefront and bulletstorm

brink also looks different maybe if there is a demo i will try it

midgard2272822d ago

there are way to many of them and most arent so good, i will be playing resistance 3 and killzone 3 but thats mostly it for a loooong time. just sick of shooters in general, they plague everything nowadays. need a good break. need me some skyrim or darksouls!

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The story is too old to be commented.