Saving Content - Cities in Motion Review


"I’ve been a fan of transport simulation games for ages. One of the first games I remember playing when I was younger was Transport Tycoon Deluxe, where you run a transportation company, shipping goods around, hauling passengers, and build your road / rail / airport infrastructure. When I heard about Cities in Motion, I got excited – it’s a slightly different game than what’s out there, where you’re managing the transportation needs for the population of the city, ranging through the years. Does Cities in Motion, Colossal Order Ltd’s first game, fill the void in the transportation simulation niche? The answer is an absolute yes.

Throughout the game, there is a varying population of people you’ll need to transport – ranging from Blue Collar, to White Collar, to businessmen, to retirees (“Pensioners” as the game calls them), to students, to the unemployed. Each set of people has their own set of things they want to do – students want to go to the college, pensioners ju...

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