Killzone story retrospective

In preparation for Killzone 3 MyGaming brushes up on some Killzone history

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Flashwave_UK2822d ago

read the article.....killzone 1 nostalgia comes through my head
(starts to cry)

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Malebaria2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I suggest everyone to read this-
The KZ universe is actually quite fascinating and the backstory really interesting.

Xilef2822d ago

You play as the bad guys.
ahh.. Classic Kotor twist

All hail Helghan!

TheGuardianFID2822d ago

I just picked up my Helghast Edition and my sharpshooter YAY lol, The Helmet is nice, but the Figure is AWESOME!!! I’ll be playing the Campaign after lunch, DEATH TO THE ISA, but only after I eat lol!!! I also bought BulletStorm as Icing on the cake, it’s gonna be a FUN week!!! 8)

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