New Arcade Games At Japan's 2011 Arcade Operators Union (AOU) Show

3D, Pac-Man, medal games, and Let's Go Island are among some of this year's highlights.

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JeffGrubb2796d ago

This just makes me sad about all the big arcades that are closing here in the states.

acronkyoung2795d ago

This makes me even more determined to open my arcade here in the states.

feitclub2795d ago

Go for it! I will not be dropping by, for obvious reasons. Sorry.

crazytown992795d ago

Great captions on these. I laughed while I was sad about all the arcades closing here in the states.

feitclub2795d ago

Thanks! Initial reactions from 1up readers were...less than positive. Glad to hear dissenting opinions.

RogueCheddar2795d ago

I love how big arcades still are in Japan

feitclub2795d ago

I wish the situation was nothing but positive, but things are getting tough around here too. Still in good shape, I believe, but it's not what it used to be.

RogueCheddar2795d ago

That's a shame to hear. Hopefully they never die as much as they have in the states though.