Travel With A Side Of Gaming

Still have love for your old fat console but want to travel and game? Thanks to the GAEMS console-carrying case you are in luck because the product was just redesigned. Now not only will your slim systems be able to travel even the larger ones will be accommodated. What true gamer would not love the power of portable gaming with a non-portable system. Imagine the possibilities of being able to deploy PS3 or XBOX 360 gaming anywhere there is wireless Internet. Almost like you have died and gone to heaven you can game whenever and where ever you would like. Imagine the dream of being able to play in hotels, airports, restaurants really anywhere that your little heart desires. Portable gaming will no longer be just done on a 3.5 inch screen. Gaming will be done on a 15 inch HD screen complete with HDMI connection you couldn’t ask for much more, (Well

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