Michael Phelps – Push the Limit Gameplay Details Revealed

505 Games has recently confirmed the long-rumoured Michael Phelps videogame, set to arrive this June exclusively for Xbox 360 Kinect. With more than 8 million Kinect for Xbox 360s sold since its launch, the demand for a controller-free experience is high and Michael Phelps – Push the Limit promises to utilise Kinect for Xbox 360’s unique capabilities to let players go beyond the pool in one of the most realistic and intense sports simulations ever created.

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Bigpappy2823d ago

Might actually pickup some pointers from Phelps if you are a swimmer. Couls be as much a training toll a a game.

saoco2823d ago

if you really wanna get good at swimming, go swim that the only way to get better, and if you wanna find out the proper forms just you tube it.

malandra2823d ago

I will buy it and play it on my living room wearing only a man-thong

Wh15ky2822d ago

I've always thought Kinects best use would be as a training tool for the likes of martial arts but for swimming? - What???

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lsujester2823d ago

Does it include a bong minigame?

hamburger1232823d ago

This game IS a boring minigame...

lsujester2823d ago

Didn't say anything about it being boring.

fr0sty2823d ago

beat me to it... if it has a move enabled bong minigame, that would be funny. or if it just uses kinect to track the use of a real bong.

This is going to be so stupid. "sit and flail your arms like an idiot to make him swim!"

nothing like real swimming when you're not laying down horizontally. This is one sport that kinect shouldn't touch. Move either for that matter.

Bigpappy2823d ago

Might actually pickup some pointers from Phelps if you are a swimmer. Could be as much a training tool as it is a game.

eggbert2823d ago

why 2 exact posts almost 1/2 an hour apart haha?

Also, I don't see this selling very well. Phelps is famous and all, but he isn't much of a name-brand.

ElementX2823d ago

I don't understand how this would work standing up. Does the player have to lay across a coffee table to get realistic swimming motions?

hazelamy2822d ago

yeah, that seems to be the one element of the game they're reluctant to reveal.
you have to wonder why.

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