Epic Games Teasing the ‘Next-Generation’ of Graphics for GDC

It’s long been argued that while Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 is a versatile videogame platform, many developers are finding it difficult to further draw an improved graphical standard from the platform. Indeed, it appears at present that only Epic Games themselves are able to continually improve upon that which has already been achieved, with the forthcoming Gears of War 3 looking to be a significant step ahead of Gears of War 2, despite both being developed with Unreal Engine 3. However, that may be about to change, as some of the most well known personalities from Epic Games have begun touting the ‘next generation’ of graphics.

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sjaakiejj2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

If this is referring to the new generation of hardware, then: About fucking time.

Will be looking forward to this presentation though.

“To reiterate - our GDC booth will show Epic's proposal of what the next generation will be.” Offered Bleszinski on his personal Twitter account, continuing: “Graphics aren't good enough yet, dammit.”

Great stuff :D

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xTruthx2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

"I just don't understand why I can't go into the comments of ANY articles on n4g without seeing at least several idiots talking about how great they think ps3 is"

I just think your in denial lol

-Free Movies
-Free TV Shows
-Free Anime
-Free Mangas
-Free Live Streams
-Free Online
-Most exclusives(With dedicated servers)
-New IP's
-Games keep improving graphically
-Home; where you meet other gamers who are playing the games you like
-Helps Cancer research with PS Home

If that isn't what a real gamer wants, I don't know what is.

hassi942893d ago

Just proved his point.

Come on guys, you should realise that PS3 is God's gift to the world, Jesus was nothing in comparison.

vishant1012892d ago

if you check exclusives list the wii has the most if your talking bout highest rated exclusives that goes to the xbox i dont know where you people get your facts from

dragonelite2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Probably something they think next gen console can do but using pc maybe we get to see Gears 3 brute forced on pc 1080p with some AA and some nice amount of AF.

Believe it or not Image quality was probably better begin this gen then now because of the last gen mentally and they had resources over for AA and AF now its all about the shader effects.

D3athc3ll2892d ago

Alot of console games got AA and AF! yes not 8x or 16x but 2x - 4x! And 720p is HD, so with 2x AA a game can still look amazing!

What u gonna tell me Avatar movie on dvd looks shit in terms of special Effects, just cause it aint 1080p???


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KRATOS-PS32893d ago

Well, if it's not the Unreal Engine 4 then it is just another updated UE3. That doesn't mean it can't look very good as well. If Cliffy wants to see the next-Gen of graphics he should pre-order Killzone 3.

Thrillhouse2893d ago

If Cliffy wants to see the next-Gen of graphics he should pre-order Crysis 2 on PC*

D3athc3ll2892d ago

Crysis 2 looks amazing yes, even the beta version! But you cant say Killzone 3 is not amazing looking! Cause it is!!! There's only a few pc games looking better than Killzone 3, and its called Crysis only!

FFS people need better eyes these days!

You pc fanboys cant take it that a 76 year old hardware machine outdo your latest pc machine, which cost u about $70 000

Funny how such old hardware r still capable of delivering pure eyecandy!!!!

dragonelite2893d ago

WTF killzone 3 is far from next gen.
720p no MSAA only post filter stuff.
But its still a good looking game for consoles.
Hell i hop crysis 2 very high on pc is like a nice view of what next gen can bring.

a_bro2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

"no MSAA only post filter stuff."

It doesnt need it. it has something else(MLAA), which is why its very sharp and clean to look at and what most devs should look at for the future. In my opinion, its great for consoles. not for PC though.

dragonelite2893d ago

What mlaa has a lot of shortcomings its a nice simple solution because deferred render engines wont make good use of MSAA. Because of the old hardware not supporting a more flexible programmable renderpipeline. With a bit off luck nvidea SPRAA can produce better result because it uses some of the sub pixel data if im not mistaken.

BlackKnight2892d ago


MSAA is only an issue with deferred rendering in DX9 (PS3/Xbox360). DX10/11 have no issue and MLAA and Nvidia's possible SRAA are some what pointless, though I still think the more AA options the better.

D3athc3ll2892d ago


Plz i dont want next gen to look like Crysis 2, oh plz! Its not that big a jump from current ps3 games! I mean the consoles can handle medium settings fine, so id hope next-gen delivers more!

But then again, the next ps or xbox will crush Crysis 2 like they did with Half-Life 2 and the rest!

Half-Life 2 still my best game of all time though!!!

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hassi942893d ago

You know a game is next gen when it doesn't use current-gen graphical effects such as real anti-aliasing.

Not slagging off the game, it's an amazing looking game. But by no means is it 'next gen'.

Trevonn2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

please be unreal engine 4 cause im sick of games using that turd that should not be named (unreal engine 3)


looks at Mass Effect2, bioshock and Gears... nope i see no turds here :)

AKS2893d ago

Mirror's Edge is another game that used the Unreal Engine, and it looked especially gorgeous on PC. The UE3 can look unique if the developer decides to use creativity and good art direction.


for a second there i thought it was run on frostbite. ohwell. it did look so clean and beautifull

Trevonn2893d ago

graphics wise yes and if it does look good its a heavily modified version anyways compared to more recent engines ue3 is a turd

sjaakiejj2893d ago

Mass Effect 2 didn't look all that impressive to me (Good, but not as good as my PC can handle), Bioshock ran on a heavily modified version of the Unreal Engine, and Gears of War 1 & 2, like Killzone, offer a very limited colour palette.

Unreal Engine 4 should be able to show something that looks significantly better than Killzone 3, and even Crysis 2 and Rage

... But we'll find out next week.

AKS2892d ago


Those are some pretty lofty expectations. I wouldn't count on them showing up Crytek or id.

sjaakiejj2892d ago


If this is a next-generation engine, you better expect it to look better than Crysis 2. If it didn't, it wouldn't be much of a next-generation engine.

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dragonelite2893d ago

Bad devs make bad looking game.
A engine is not what makes the artstyle of a game.

Bloodyghost2893d ago


Announce a new console at E3 then you deserve my money.

Shaman2893d ago

Agreed.After playing Crysis 2 for a short period of time on not even highest settings but 1080p I would be very happy if new consoles were to be announced in say 2012 E3.

Bloodyghost2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Exactly plus the software is there. I was imagining yesterday what it would look like and I got very hyped.

Also i do not know why people are disagreeing. I mean its a win-win.

If you love your PS3 then stay with it but others will certainly pay more for a PS4.

NiKK_4192893d ago

yea but i don't think they will be announced this year (maybe a wii 2) but like shaman said they will probably be announced next year e3 (at least one of them will be)

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