CVG reviews Stranglehold PC - "It isn't rocket science, but it's great fun"

Tearing around a casino with coins tumbling from broken fruit machines, sliding down banisters in slow motion and shooting gangsters in the face, and watching a central sports car revolving on a pedestal slowly getting taken to pieces by stray shots - for pure daft enjoyment, this certainly takes some beating.

Sure, Stranglehold isn't a perfect game - in fact, in many areas it's a bit duff. But even if the stupidity and brevity gets you down, CVG guarantee you won't have played a better representation of such utter, needless carnage.

Overall score: 7.9/10

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vidoardes4093d ago

Good review, it sums the game up well.

I played the PC demo out of sheer curiosity if a) my rig could actrually run it decently and b) how well the controls would translate to PC. Turns out it is a really fun game. Not that involving, or thought provoking, just good plain all guns blazing fun. And it's quite pretty to boot :D