European PS Store updates for 20th March

Let the bone crunching begin!

PAIN has finally arrived as expected on the European PS Store. We're really pleased to see it has made it's way over here and can't wait to start tossing mimes (no, that's not a euphemism for anything else, before you ask).

So what else came our way today in what Sony are saying will be "the end of poor EU updates"?

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crazy250003917d ago

MS2 trailer.....hopefully it comes to the US update too!

sonarus3917d ago

playstation updates suck ballz. I am tired of seeing rockband and guitar hero dlc every week. PSN needs a seperate music store where they can include all the dlc for all those music games. As it is because the dlc shows on the front page, its almost like an excuse for them to not have to give us worthwhile content because they can always offer guitar hero dlc.

Where the hell are the wonderful demos.

whoelse3917d ago

You should be grateful there are none here today.

sonarus3917d ago

i hate it whenever someone complains, there is someone who comes out saying you should be grateful you have this or that. F' being grateful. I didn't by the console to be "grateful". I want demo's

mighty_douche3917d ago


Thank you Sony, after months of busting my balls I can finally have a go on that bloody game.

Mr_Kuwabara3917d ago

Wow you guys didn't have Pain, sheesh Europe updates are really lagging.

paul_war3917d ago

Still waiting for the Oblivion expansion as well, don't know whats taking so long when its out here on disk form if you buy the GOTY edition.

You bought an Xbox3917d ago

And you did'nt know that they had not got it !!
Were you been, what you smoking
Talk about lagging

How you spell PWNED

DolphGB3917d ago

We're not totally sure when it is coming, but the fact that we've now had a Shivering Isles trailer on the PS Store means it can't be far away.

I would guess that it'll be early April.

Mr_Kuwabara3917d ago

Because I usually don't check the European updates so I didn't know that you guys didn't have it. I knew that the EU updates aren't on par with the U.S. but I didn't know to what extent.

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paul_war3917d ago

The article doesn't list all the Pain add-ons available:

Cookie (£0.69)
Lo Pack (£0.69)
Santa (£0.69)
Scurv Dogg Pack (£0.69)
Muffy Pack (£0.69)
Ginger Pack (£0.69)
Fun with Explosives Pack (free)

DolphGB3917d ago

...thanks for pointing that out.

We've given ourselves a chinese wrist-burn as punishment. It won't happen again.

paul_war3917d ago

No problem. I was starting to think we wouldn't get all the Pain dlc thats already been released in the US.

whoelse3917d ago

Finally a decent update.

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