F.E.A.R. Extended Hands-On

IGN rifle through a bundle of F.E.A.R single player stages and test out the new Instant Action mode.

This game just keeps getting better and better and IGN explain why at this years Games Convention.

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TheMART5370d ago

"The Xbox 360 version of F.E.A.R. has been in front of our eyeballs a number of times now, and each time looking more and more similar to the original PC version. For graphics buffs, this is obviously a good thing."

Sounds good. Going strong on a 400 euro/dollar or even a 300 dollar/euro core machine that does the same as a high end PC with a graphics card that costs as much as that already alone.

For real, 360 kicks of good again with the game this November. Have seen nothing ingame on PS3 yet and I thought I read it comes later in 2007 for PS. So I guess if you want some good high end graphic shooters this Christmas, you'll have to jump in.

Gears of War
Lost World (januari 2007)
Prey (already out)

man it's insane. Everybody saw the ingame footage of Lost World?

BadTaste5370d ago

I haven't seen the footage of Lost World, can you give me a link please?

xboxlj5370d ago

The demo was awesome. I really had no interest in it until I played the demo. Now I have reserved it.

kewlkat0075370d ago

The 360 in Nov is "gearing" up to be sweet...