The 9 best horror titles video games have to offer

Rely on Horror writes: "Horror is genre that came later in the age of video games. While action-adventure platformers and third-person shooters dominated the early era of games horror came much later, at least successfully. Sure we had games look Wolfenstein and Doom but the scares weren't really there. As time progressed game developers were finally able to capture that vibe that made horror click with audiences on both PCs and consoles. These are some of the best of the best, in no particular order though there may be a slight bias for our first listing."

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Dipso4191d ago

No Siren Blood Curse?? That game was true survival horror.

DaMa4191d ago

There are a few more titles that would fit into this category dependant on personal taste. :)

Rockox4191d ago

Any "best horror games" list that doesn't include one of the first two Fatal Frame games is a big ol' fail in my book.

Dipso4191d ago

Yeah, but that would deprive us of the "hilarious" Wii fit gag..

OtherWhiteMeat4191d ago

This list makes me want Dead Rising 2 even more.

Rockstar4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

This list makes me want to replay re4,re2,deadspace,silent hill 2 and I want to play some Alan wake.