Guitar Hero: A Eulogy from a Veteran Plastic Guitarist

VGW's Dylan Garner pays passionate tribute to the Guitar Hero franchise, and doesn't mince words assigning the blame for its ultimate demise.

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Shackdaddy8362892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Guitar hero guys: " "

derga der!!!

Mystickay862892d ago

"I am Kotick. I'm so mad because I poop my pants all the time."

Oh article. I read through it, agreed there was just too many GH titles. Blame Kotick and Activision. As the article stated "Kotick and underlings are not gamers".

caseh2891d ago

I for one am glad top see it crash and burn. I mean to say, Lego Rockband....what the fu...?

Konami done it better with Guitar Freaks over 10 years ago and it wasn't a commercial slut of a game either.

Kotek, the end is nigh...first Guitar Hero and possibly CoD next. Keep killing your cows!