Bungie hits back at Halo 3 graphics complaints

Developer says game is "not trying to be incredibly photo realistic".

Halo 3 developer Bungie has come out fighting amid some complaints that the blockbuster FPS, available in the UK now, is simply "Halo 2 in HD".

Speaking in an interview with Pro-G at the launch of the game in London's Waterloo IMAX cinema last night, Lee Wilson, cinematic designer at Bungie Studios said the team was delighted with the graphics in Halo 3.

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Bebop4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

That's the plain truth. Its no graphics whore -in fact GeOW out does it IMO.

But the combination of gameplay, storyline, past Halo following & MS hype make it big again. Its clearly just an evolutionary product of its predecessor & not revolutionary. That's why it is the last in the trilogy. Bungie realise they have done all they can with it.

skillednutter4135d ago

...Bungie have always said that Halo was aimed to look like a comic, that was the original Concept by the Artist's and in Halo 3 they have finally got their initial conception that was designed pre-halo.

This has been confirmed by the Original Concept Artists, Google knows all.

bluebrad19744135d ago

First, Halo 3 murders Halo 2 in the graphics department. The art style is the same and that's it. The graphics quality is made even more apparent when watching save films. Anyone that says Halo 3 is graphically bad either doesn't have the game or is simply a hater.

Calling Halo 3, Halo 2 HD is the dumbest thing I've heard in a good while.

athlon7704135d ago

You guys are being clouded by your bias.

This very game has been given 10 out of 10 at many if not all the review sites, yet once we get it into our hands, we are seeing yesterdays graphics. Games that look better are not given a 10 in graphics...what makes this game deserve it?

Yes, it is a beautiful game.

Yes, it does play very soothly. (for the most part, I have ran into a couple of stutters here and there)

No, I would not have given it a 10 out of 10. The review sites let me down and now I have to question all the games I did not purchase because "they" said it wasn't worth it.

I would give it a more modist 8.5

marionz4135d ago

ok i can honestly say the graphics dont blow you away at first, but its the small things that impress me with halo 3
the lighting is stunning, textures are also verry nice and i love the art style, its somthing different from gears and it makes a nice change

people can say what they want about this game, it doesnt stop it being top quality, im having a great time playing the story mode and cant help but be blown away every time a scarab crawls onto the battlefeild

think resistance FOM, the character look far better in halo 3, so do the textures lighting and the gameplay is a million times better, RFOM was a great game though and people need to realise halo 3 doesnt look bad, its actually verry pretty

being the most antisipated game this year obviously makes it a target for all the haters out there

tehcellownu4135d ago

sorry but halo storyline sucks...gameplay is the best..the graphics isnt all the great

Taker_1294135d ago

people are saying "oh it's the art style that makes it look that way". Wrong because Rachet and Clank: TOD is proof that you can still have a cartoony look and have an amazing looking game. Halo 3 is just not there graphically and it really hurt this game that could have been amazing. Bungie has been working on this game for years and it's ashame that ps3 launch title(Resistance) blows this away.

bluebrad19744135d ago

Take a look at these pics and see if you can figure out which screenshot is Halo 2.

NOTE: All screens are gameplay.

Gil4135d ago

Uh, number 1 is from Halo 2. What do I win?

JsonHenry4135d ago

I personally feel that Halo 3 looks good, but it is NOT as good looking compared to other games on the market. Hell, even Perfect Dark Zero looks better I think. And it has that "comic" style to it also.

But it DOES look better than Halo 2 in HD. Even me, a self proclaimed Halo sceptic thinks it looks better than Halo 2 in HD.

Gamer luv4134d ago

Ok so we know that Halo 3 isnt the best looking game, but are you Sony fans still trying to tell us that theres no improvement between 2 and 3 ?

Because, there is.

What about the people who dont have HDTV's? If its Halo 2 HD then people who dont have HD wont notice any difference, right?

Its silly, Halo 3 is a big improvement from Halo 2, but it isnt as good as games they look as great as Gears or Timeshift or Haze etc.

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Antan4135d ago

To many eye candy whores in the world today sadly. The sum of all parts are what make games great. In a similar way would Jaws of had the same impact without John Williams classic score? Im going to pick my copy of Halo up now and am very much looking forward to playing it. Played the 1st but not the second so i will probably read up on the 2nd unless one of you want to clear up what happened in the 2nd? hehe.

joydestroy4135d ago

seriously though, do the devs really need to defend this game?

PumPum4135d ago

Its simply not possible that there is anything negative about Halo3.

nobizlikesnowbiz4135d ago

Weak sauce.

Some of the environments are simply jawdropping. For the scale of what Halo 3 is, I think the graphics are marvelous.

The only things that aren't impressive to me are the character models. They look pretty bland. But it's all realtime, and theres so much going on in such huge spaces, that it's easily forgotten.

toughNAME4135d ago

to the people who have played the 4th (i tihnk) mission..the storm?

fvcking amazing

and the character models are bland, altohugh..the elites look soo much better than the humans


may be if you are playing it on a SD TV, ya maybe it does look like halo 2, but at full 720 or 1080, i just don't see how people can say it looks the same.

The sage on the ark with all the sand, that just did it for me. i can think of a lot more so called next gen games that look a lot worse.

i had a friend over, he is a big PS fan, but he wanted to see the game.

before i put it on i made him play the second to last stage in halo 2, just so he can get a feel for the story were MC left off.

upscale even he thought it still looked good, but when he saw halo 3 he was like the difference is amazing.

bungie have done well. how many dev's keep going for the same old dark, grey rundown building look....they are the one's with nothing new to imagination.

if bungie and changed it all and gone for the photo real look there would be a lot more angry halo fans asking them why.

i think the game is beautiful, i had doubts with the beta but it really does look way better.

SL1M DADDY4135d ago

Yeah the graphics are nothing to write home about but whatever... The game is fun and it looks ok. It's no Bioshock but it still gets at least one thumbs up from me.