GameSpot gives 6.5/10 to LocoRoco Cocoreccho

The bulbous, bouncy blobs known as LocoRoco are back, though things are a bit different this time. The tilting mechanics of the original PSP title have been replaced with an interesting new control scheme, and the minimalist gameplay is even simpler this time around. But really, it's all about the agreeably goopy globules that spread charm across your screen, and it's hard not to be taken with them. At $6.99, this PlayStation Network download feels a bit overpriced for a single (albeit large) level, but the few hours of gaming you'll get out of it are rewarding and strangely compelling.

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Baba19064040d ago

i really liked this game. its so crazy and damn how many colors. the music just makes u wanna hop around with the bubbles. =D

duarteq4040d ago

This game is really good value for the PS3 and the Network. Don't agree with the review. it deserves at least a 7. OH i know, it's not in XFlop so we must give lower scores... People prefer the same sh!t FPS...

I already got 160 Locos ehehe

masterg4040d ago

Damn. Gamespot are loosing credit in my book.
I think this is one of the best PSN titles yet. It cost practically nothing. I've spent a ton of hours playing it because it's so fun and original.

For me this is a 8.5+ when you take price into the calculation.

pwnaplaya4040d ago

* But it's the same tune as the PSP LocoRoco game
* The single level can be finished in a couple of hours.

WTF is this! No complaints of a bad control scheme, graphics or sound, or anything that truly matters for the most part and they drop it with a 6.5!!! So they've basically said there's nothing wrong with the game. Having the same music from the PSP version doesn't make it any less of a fun game. And if its a SINGLE Level and it takes a couple of hours for someone to beat one level then its not really short. If it was a full game with multiple levels then it woul be more than a couple of hours right? Reviews these days are starting to get on my nerves. There either all or mostly biased with little to no reasonable explanations. But they're just opinions to me anyway.

SL1M DADDY4040d ago

...on the PSP but absolutely sucks on the PS3. Sorry but they took a great game and ruined it with that friggin' butterfly. What abou ttilt using the six axis? Come on Sony, what happened here?

InMyOpinion4040d ago

Are you telling me they did NOT implement motion sensing into the game?

Baba19064040d ago

ofcourse u need the six axis. and motion sensing. but u dont move the screen wih the sixaxis. u move water, shake trees, shoot locorocos and so on, all by motion sensing.

MaximusPrime4040d ago

tip: try shaking the SIXAXIS at the geyser. The stronger you shake then it blasts the water into the air, taking some locorocos to reach the highest point.

I actually enjoyed using the SIXAXIS. it works well.

Shadow Flare4040d ago

I almost got 200 loco roco's but 4 of them got eaten by some moja's. I love the music, hip bandan yai doetoe hey cocoreccho tally hi wun lotoe!!

icechai4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

You have to beat it 3x to unlock the whole level, each time unlocking a new minigame. Each minigame can be played dozens of times as they are mini levels in themselves and have leaderboard rankings (although I wish after you unlock them you can just jump right into them without having to go back to that area). Gathering all 200 locorocos on your 3rd playthrough and you are well over 6 hours of playing time... So that's about $1 per hour of playing.

I'm sorry, did I miss something? I guess PS3's hype meter for even a simple $7 downloadable game is off the charts, thus every reviewer suddenly becomes more critical (as opposed to Steam, Wii VC or XBL games).

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The story is too old to be commented.