Sony Devs: 'NGP Is The Machine We All Wanted'

NowGamer: Motorstorm Apocalypse developer Evolution Studios says that Sony's worldwide network of developers got exactly what they requested in the NGP...

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Stealth20k4904d ago

can people stop approving articles were quotes are ripped out of bigger articles?

tehpees34904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

guess that explains your one bubble. Its great to see Sony improving their hardware to make it more developer friendly. now devs like ninja theory and valve can't use excuses like "its too hard to work with" in the first place

Max power: dont know what your on about. this name was the only one I could come up with that wasn't taken.

Max Power4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

EDIT: What explains your one bubble?

AGamerOfConsoles4904d ago

@ Max Power

He/she is a troll. Just check the comments made and you'll understand.

Max Power4904d ago

I am aware of his hypocrisy, I just wanted teh to have some self reflection on it.

Keith Olbermann4904d ago

Im glad Sony listened to their fans and didnt cave to the casual market. Although they will recieve much hate, us real gamers will love 'em.

badz1494904d ago

but I know I DO want it though! day 1!

MGRogue20174904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )


Now, Get started on making more games plox. :)

jay24904d ago

Good to know Sony listen to what people who are going to work on the hardware want and provide that.

supremacy4904d ago

This device should do just fine.

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Revisiting PS3 classic Motorstorm - The driving celebration that should never have ended

Digital Foundry : Evolution Studios' Motorstorm is one of the first, finest and most fondly remembered of launch titles for PlayStation 3. It's a release designed to answer the question posed by each new console generation: what makes a game 'next-gen'? With its robust physics engine and massive tracks, Motorstorm serves up a bold affirmative answer to this question, delivering an experience that could never have existed on prior console hardware. At the same time, the path to release was fraught with challenges that almost serve as a microcosm of the PlayStation 3 release situation itself. It was a success, however, with a trilogy of PS3 releases, plus PSP, Vita and even PS2 off-shoots.

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RaidenBlack795d ago

After Driveclub and Onrush, the dev team will now contribute to and assist with the development of the upcoming NFS.

darthv72795d ago

I would give anything to have a full compilation of the series remastered to play on PS5 with full DS support. Feeling the deformation of the tracks as you race in pacific rift or the snow laden tracks in arctic edge... that would be sweet.

MastaMold794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

Yes MotorStorm World Tour for PS5 damn it Sony make it. The Desert, Pacific Islands, The Arctic and City races.

Army_of_Darkness795d ago

Motorstorm Pacific rift was awesome! I think MotorStorm: Apocalypse was what killed the franchise due to its change of direction...