Tecmo Planning Next Fatal Frame for Wii

Tecmo has been silent about Fatal Frame for some time now, but that doesn't mean the horror franchise has been forgotten. To the contrary, 1UP learned at the Tokyo Game Show that Tecmo's enlisted the help of Grasshopper Manufacture to produce the next Fatal Frame game. And here's the kicker: it's for the Wii.
Grasshopper will start on Fatal Frame when work on No More Heroes, recently announced for a US release via Ubisoft, has finished. Given that No More Heroes was developed on Wii, Grasshopper seems content on Nintendo's console.

Taking photographs of ghouls has been a part of Fatal Frame since day one, so motion controls certainly make sense for the series, but the last we heard about the next Fatal Frame seemed to have Microsoft and Sony's consoles in mind. "I already have some ideas that I'd like to do if I had more development time and a more powerful system," said Fatal Frame 3 Producer Keisuke Kikuchi all the way back in July 2005.

Then again, in 2005, no one knew Wii was going to blow up, either.

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skynidas4044d ago

who cares 360 and ps3 have silent hill 5 that is a lot better than this fatal frame

Rockstar4044d ago

But Fatal Frame for the PS2 freaked me right out.

MK_Red4044d ago

Another great franchise lost to Wii. Seriously, Fatal Frame is an M rated hardcore gamer's game and Wii is the last place for this game. Fatal Frame 3 was on PS2 and Xbox and this one should come for 360 and PS3.
The HD ghost effects will make this insanly scary game way scarier.

TheWiseguy4044d ago

Remind me of the other "great" games lost to the Wii?

MK_Red4044d ago

Right now Rygar and Dragon Quest (To both Wii and DS) come to my mind.

ItsDubC4044d ago

Apparently the Wii's just not as casual as you thought it was.

cooke154044d ago

Statements like yours piss me right off. Wii is completely different than Gamecube. Hell Re4 for the 4th time sold well beyond Capcoms expectations and thats an ultra violent game.

DeckUKold4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

u sound sad mk you need to stop showing tears YOU'RE A MAN right? any war the only thing thats gonna stop rygar and fatalframe (don't care abot DQ it sux)from being one of the best thing out there is the outdated controls

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X4044d ago

A very good and underrated series. I'm interested how the wiimote will work the camera obscura.

darkside4044d ago

damn another game that going down the wiihole. damn i was hopping for a real next game game experience.

Snipes204044d ago

is another game gone down the "wiihole"? I think it looked pretty good and I think that acting out the brutal kills is more important than HD for this game at least. That's not to say that HD doesn't help. Bioshock and Silent Hill 5 etc. would be less frightening in regular formats. I'm not saying that porting games to Wii makes them better. I think a lot of developers would rather implement the little white wand than use the power that the Wii has to make a better quality game.

DeckUKold4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

at least you getting the next gen feel well me since i got a wii

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The story is too old to be commented.