Texas hold 'em Poker is UP!!

We wanted to be up and ready to tell you the exact moment, it was available for download on Xbox live. It's here, it's free and it's ready to be downloaded RIGHT NOW! (: The soon to be announced record breaking XBLA game Texas Hold 'em! Click read more for more info on this game like achievements..

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UMC5378d ago

Cool, I have downloaded it, it took less than five minutes. And free, xbox 360 rules

venom nolatari5378d ago

Just played single & multi player. First
impressions excellent!! easy to play. Above all, damn good fun and its free! (for first 48hrs)

Islandkiwi5378d ago

I looked up and had played for an hour. Dangerous.

They need to add commas to the amounts, though. 20000 and 200000 look awfully similar without commas.

Big Moe5378d ago

The download is only free for the first 48 hrs. which began at 4am Eastern time or 1am Pacific time. That means you only have till those times on Friday morning so you better hurry unless you want to spend the 800 points.

Mikey_Gee5378d ago

Got it early this morning and played a game or two (was late for work)


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