Has Halo 3's Forge mode stolen Sony's user-generated content thunder?

Sony's been promoting User-Generated Content with upcoming releases such as LittleBigPlanet, as well as the much hyped Home – Game 3.0, as Sony's Phil Harrison puts it – a social space where gamers can discuss games, share content and more. It's a canny move for Sony and could be one of the big trump cards that the PSN has over Xbox Live. But despite all this, it looks like Microsoft and Bungie might be the first to really push the concept of UGC with the release of Halo 3.

Making Home work and marketing it for gamers will be difficult for Sony. Will lots of gamers really want the features that Home offers? Likewise, new IP LittleBigPlanet looks promising, but could prove to be a tough sell. Given the undeniable popularity of Halo, have Microsoft and Bungie just stolen Sony's UGC thunder with the integration of editing tool Forge?

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360RULEZ4138d ago

HALO 3 WILL DESTROY sony and sony bots

nasim4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

they should rename as HOLY FLOP

ALTHOUGH halo 3 has moved to the top spots of these charts the console x360 as you can see is non existent.

FIFA 08(ps3) is right behind HALO 3. That game would move a lot of ps3s next week.

for MS ...nothing remains after HALO 3.
Bioshock (also on PC) moved 0 x360s. mass effect and fable 2 would also sell among the only existing x360 owners.

However FF13 will sell atleast 4--5 m consoles in JAPAN .
same goes to GT5 and MGS 4...those are console sellers.

Ofcourse KZ2 would be coming out next year


x360 is officially finished in both EU and JAPAN. In NA too it is just a matter of time before being completely killed by ps3


Chris_GTR14138d ago

seriously... comparing fifa 08 to halo 3?? fifa a system seller?? wtf?!

most people dont buy a console to get halo 3 when it comes out. people that were specifically waiting for halo 3 to come out wait till holiday season to buy a 360, not on launch date.
just watch. come this holiday season 360 will sell more than it has ever before.

Mr PS34138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Another name for a level editor Wow people did'nt go nuts when it came out on tony hawks years ago (mind you thats because they could'nt put big bright Oh so colourful gay items round a big bright fair ground)C'mon xbums how many of you are gonna create a Blue oyster level for you and your gay chums anyway to be honest the forge mode and the replay mode sounds like they are the saviours of halo 3's lasting longevity while nothing new in this game at all it's these two modes that have bumped up the score of the game without them it would have averaged 8 to 8.5 But sorry you xbums but blow smoke up Halo's ass all you want but thats an average game right there not the AAA title you go on about and its damm sure not a nail in the PS3's coffin you dummy's think!!! Thats it now xbums its over Halo's out, its crap and what you got next !! nothin, and with the AAA titles that are due for the PS3 the future is bright(not as bright as that oh so colourful game Teletubbie's on steriods Halo 2.5 in HD)

Real Gambler4138d ago

Home is not a game. Sure, you can create your very own furniture using great tools like 3DSMax, but still, it's not a game.

And as far as I know, forge doesn't let you use any other software to create stuff around you. You pretty much use what's given to you.

Last thing, Sony didn't invent user generated content, so Microsoft cannot steal anything from them. Sony simply made it easy to be implemented. That's what Microsoft should try to steal.

ben hates you4138d ago

Nasim said halo hasn't moved any units in uk or Eu, well that would make sense because it doesn't come out until tommorow for them

QuackPot4138d ago

Then that's it.

Don't forget, most Halo 3 buyers will already own an xbox 360.

Don't fool yourself that there are millions who have been waiting nearly two years before buyer an xbox 360 - not with all the good games out already.

Once the hype dies down there's nothing else which will have the same impact as Halo. Bioshock didn't and unlikely Mass Effect or even GeoW2. Again, you would already have you xbox 360 already.

The Ps3 however has LBP....MGS....then....GT.....t hen.....FF....then....Killzone. ...then...etc

millions of Ps2 owners waiting for the ps3 to be cheap and games.

Spaceman Spiff4137d ago

As soon as killzone comes out, the exact crap is going to be pulled on it as was with halo 3. The ps3 lovers will say that it's the best game ever and the 360 fans will say that it looks worse than halo 3 (it doesn't matter what it looks like, people are going to say this).
PS3 is going to crash and burn this holiday season just like last year (unless people really really really want R&C... and who wants to drop $500-$600 on R&C...). Halo 3 won't be on store shelves during the holiday season. The PS3 will never be cheaper than the 360.... Sony had the ball, all they had to do was run with it and they choked.

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Kokoro4138d ago

can enjoy user content. it all depends how easy you make it for the user. I expect them to do well on both of their fields. With Singstar here in Europe, it's going to have a major push for the ps3. As for Microsoft, they already have the cam, but need more game that allow to use it, and actually put it on the web.

HeartlesskizZ4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Just like Gamepro said it------LittleBigHalo and no I dont think anybody stole anything

QuackPot4138d ago

Did everyone forget about User created Content for UT3? It's far more UCC than Halo 3(it doesn't allow terrain or building changes).

What a joke it is to compare UCC to LBP. LBP is at the moment the King of UCC. It's going to set the new bench mark.

Arkham4138d ago

Timesplitters level-editor says "HAI!".

RevN8r4138d ago

And what about Far Cry's map creator? Or Gary's Mod? UGC is nothing new.

popup4138d ago

^^Can you co-op design levels with multiple people at the same time with the titles you mention.

Bits-N-Kibbles4138d ago

That is a great online games as well as single player... level editor was fun as hell... too bad not many people realized how awesome it was....

hongthay4138d ago

Forge is a welcome addition to Halo, but in my opinion it is not true UGC. You are given funds to purchase things to place on the map. You choose from a specific list of items.

Little Big Planet offers true UGC. You have total control over everything and unlimited creativity. And changes can be permanent and can be shared with friends. That is UGC.

hazeblaze4138d ago

Exactly. Forge is a cool feature. But it's no where near the scale of creativity allowed by actually creating your own level or mod. Still it does add to the replayability of the game.

no_more_heroes4138d ago

does LBP have a story, or is it just something you run around in and create stuff and do whatever pops up in your head? Serious question.

HowarthsNJ4138d ago

Quote from the article:

"For starters, Forge won't let you change the level geometry. This is a good thing. If you're the type of person who enjoys being able to edit their own maps, put in custom textures and whatnot, then chances are, you've already got a PC."

Are they trying to excuse the fact that it's not true UGC?

Kleptic4138d ago

if anything Halo 3 just stole some of Sony's thunder in general...but I agree with you guys, not any of the UGC stuff...

the first game to show off a console with UGC is UT3, which should be out in November...while there is no "tool" to create your own content on the PS3...the PS3 is capable of playing anything made using the PC editor (except for 64 player maps...I think the PS3 is capped at 24 or 32 players because of resource limits)...

it would be nice if UT3 had a tool like the forge to play around with on the PS3...but the real editor allows you to create all the maps and goofy stuff that made past UT and Quake games so much fun...can't wait for another "My girlfriend's bathroom" again...

then again what also would be nice would be UT3 having a video capture feature like Halo 3...playing around with that last night ended up being the highlight in the game imo...

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