Another demo delay?

Today, EA Sports released information on their site about the upcoming Xbox 360 demo of NHL 07 to hit the Marketplace. EA stated that a demo was already up, but there wasn't a demo in sight. The news was quickly taken down.

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Top 10: Best Hockey Video Games

Dan Reintjes of 3GEM writes: ' commemorate the opening night of the NHL, this is MY Top 10 list of the greatest hockey video games of ALL TIME.'

O-D-C3942d ago

My personal fav. remains NHL Hitz 03.

Octo13941d ago

NHL 94 on the Genesis and NHL 98 on PS1

nevin13941d ago

In no order

Ice Hockey-NES

NHL 2000-PS1

NHL 2001-PS2

NHL 2002-PS2


Buy Low and Sell High on the Xbox 360

Buy low, sell high. It's a well-known phrase in the stock market and it applies equally well to videogame traders. The Goozex Report breaks down which Xbox 360 games are currently dropping in value so that you don't buy high and sell low.

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Hockey for the 360

When it comes to hockey on the 360, you have several choices. This article makes recommendations on which hockey game to choose along with a review of NHL 08. This blog is especially useful for gamers who prefer to trade games as opposed to spending cash. When you trade for games, you're not always playing the latest-and-greatest, sometimes you have to settle for last year's game.

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