The new (and old) features of Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD is hitting the PLAYSTATION Store later this year, and although it's just a remix of tracks from previous games, there's a lot to look forward to. In addition to the obviously improved graphics, the game takes a few key features from previous Wipeout titles, and adds a few of its own:

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kspraydad4041d ago

Hoping this will be a remote play enable title...

BlazeXXL4041d ago

looks like a lot of fun, been playing the hell out of the psp version of the game lol.

crck4041d ago

$40 = no. $30 or under and its a go for me.

Sevir044041d ago

and this will certainly show Koei how to do it right. thats going to be awesome. it's cool really.. sony's online network is doing things i didn't ever think. i mean they are releasing fully blown immersiee 3d games with ps2 buget and higher over the network. games like this, LBP, Pain. Socom confrontation and Warhawk are all comparable to games seen on xbox 360 with that kind of stuff. i wonder when we'll see MS attempt to go beyond low buget games and small remakes of stuff and seriously go out and make their online sace offering more robust with fully blown big budget 3d xbox 360 games not demo's on xbox live