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Eric at The POW Block says: " I am a budgeted gamer. This means I don't have the money to play all the fancy new games when they come out. Instead I normally have to dig through the ads and bargain bins to find the game I wanted last year in order to play the few amazing games I have deemed a must play on launch day."

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crispinantista3574d ago

Developers don't immediately switch to a new project when they finish one. They usually take a break, go on vacation and whatnot, before they dive into a new project. Even so, various parts of the team works on new projects at different stages.

Do you not know how the industry works?

Also, some games don't need substancial DLC. Stop whining about being poor and be happy with what you get. If you want to buy DLC, why don't you just save that money and buy a whole game so you can be caught up.

AAACE53573d ago

@Crispinantista.... What the ????

What do you think this is the NFL?

They have a job just like we have a job. Production must go on! What if their recently released game isn't a million seller. Could a company afford to have so much lost work time?

Basically what they do is shift people around. When an artist is done with what he needs to do for a game, they start that person on the next project. They will get that person back on the current project if needed. It's a constant process.

Game developers usually work 12 hour shifts 5 days a week. Leading up to the last couple months before a game is released. Usually in that last few months, they put in even more hours, sometimes working 16 hour shifts and sleeping in the building. They also don't get to see their families as much.

That's why even if a game isn't great, I have to give credit to the developers for trying. They do get to take a vacation just like any of us could, but the game development world isn't what most of us would like to think!

Commander_TK3573d ago

I'm a budgeted gamer too. Games r expensive, especially here in Norway. We basically get robbed here.

Hitster3574d ago

Being a Budgeted Gamer sucks, but at least it's better than not being a gamer at all.

Andrew Wiggin3574d ago

Everyone is kind of a budgeted gamer, games are expensive and so is other shit. It's all about choosing what you want and taking what you can get.

crispinantista3574d ago

This article really isn't even about being a, I'm sorry budgeted gamer is a horrible term, gamer on a budget. It's about wanting better DLC.

Caseydilla3574d ago

Yeah, this article seemed more about wanting more DLC than saving money...

JsonHenry3573d ago

STEAM sales are all the "budget" I need.

NosoleeToxin3573d ago

Steam does always have great games on sale.

thebudgetgamer3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

doesn't suck at all if you know where to look. it's actually pretty fun, like an adventure.

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Spitfire_Riggz3573d ago

Being a budget gamer is better than being a pirate

Raven_Nomad3573d ago

If your an Xbox 360 gamer, then budget games are for you. Seriously, with $50-$60 you can easily go into Gamestop and get 10 games or more, most exclusive 360 games too.

Games like Kameo which is like $4, Gears 1 $4.99, Gears 2 $7.99, Mass Effect $12.99 and the list goes on and on like that.

I've found it tougher to get PS3 games on a budget, the cheapest one is MGS4 which is $9.99 used, I never even see 3rd party games that cheap on PS3. Even like Kung Fu Panda is still like $19.99 used on PS3.

I do a solid mix of new and used games, I try to support developers on games like Alan Wake and of course anything like Halo or Gears I buy at midnight launches, this year BulletStorm and Dragon Age 2 got added to my midnight launch list. Cant wait.

Get a second job or a better paying job or budget other areas of your life if you really want to get more games. I know so many people who Smoke cigarettes and literally blow $200 a month on that habit or a Beer habit, personally I'd rather have something like a game then either of those things.

NosoleeToxin3573d ago

You are right, there are plenty of great games for cheap out there and a lot of people do spend money on things like cigarettes that they could use to buy games. Not saying that people who smoke should quit if thats what they like to do more than playing games.

Raven_Nomad3573d ago

Well personally I don't have any habits, It allows me more money for gaming and whatever else I might want to do. I look at gaming as a hobby/sport almost.

I have a clan and we game competitively, almost like a bowling league or softball league. So I have a little bit higher budget for games then most other people I know. I was just saying I'd rather have something to show for the money I'm spending then have nothing at all but a hangover or black lungs....

Hitster3573d ago

But black lungs are so cool.

But really I feels the same way. Instead of taking a vacation I would rather get a new game and veg out with it.

Aarix3573d ago

Or get a Gamecube,ps2 or xbox. Those games are like $3-$10

byeGollum3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

recently I decided to become a budget gamer, funny how I come across this article, it barely talks about it. As Raven_Nomad said you can now get many games cheaply, I recently bought mass effect 1, up next is fallout 3, these were all great games when they came out.

Hitster3573d ago

Well then your in luck because this is my first peice on budget gaming think of it as an intro. Figure on another one coming out next week.

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