Mirror's Edge 2 cancelled

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it has canned Mirror's Edge 2, stopping development of the project after early prototypes were deemed to be disappointing.

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Brian52473773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Woo boy...massive fallout imminent.

::takes cover::

ATiElite3773d ago

Yep this really sucks as I was hoping Dice would use the new Frostbite 2.0 engine for this and expand the game.

I like how the EA guys say "Dice is working on something else" we don't already know what it is.

tehpees33773d ago

I liked this game. why is everything getting canned these past few weeks?

Guitar hero, True crime, this, dj hero. Anything I missed?

Solid_Malone3773d ago

decline in sales in this recession?

malandra3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

this really sucks, the first one had a huge potential but many shortcomings prevented from reaching it

and they were using frostbite for the sequel, it would've been amazing

Biggest3773d ago

What would that engine have brought to the table for Mirror's Edge? I'm not familiar with anything past the environmental destruction aspect of the Frostbite engine.

I am extremely disappointed by this news. I personally think that Mirror's Edge is one of the best new IPs this generation. If they had figured out a way to make the game more appealing to the masses, the potential for the time trial aspect would have been enormous. Dammit!

Bnet3433773d ago

"I'm still aliiiiiiiiive, I'm still alive but can not apologize, nooooooooo." Fucking EA.

lastdual3773d ago

Yes it sucks, but I don't think we've seen the last of what Mirror's Edge did best: 1st person free running.

Brink is taking a similar concept and applying it to the FPS genre, and I'm sure others will follow with deeper implementations. We should be glad that at least Mirror's Edge had an impact.

RememberThe3573773d ago

M4I0N3: I think it's more of a mix of factors. True Crime apparently wasn't going to be anything special and music games have been milked almost clean. In terms of Mirror's Edge, I'd assume that DICE is stretched pretty thin ATM. They couldn't even get a full multiplayer experience into Medal of Honor.

frostyhat1233773d ago

How about they tell us the truth! We all know they want everybody working on BF3 and EA didn't want any distractions. So they decided to can it. Simple as that!

ABizzel13773d ago

It's really sad. Mirror's Edge was actually a breath of fresh air.

The problem with it was it was repetitive, and the level design, wasn't varied enough.

Most people spent the majority of their time in Time trail.

It's really a missed opportunity. The game had so much potential to evolve into something great. Mirror's Edge is not about combat, but I think that may have been it's downfall sales wise. It's nice to run around, but the majority of consumers want action for $60.

badz1493773d ago

but I believe it was not selling very well. unlike GH, this game has no big followers for EA to try it the 2nd time around. DICE is hard at work for BF3 and that's where they shine the most! RIP Mirror's Edge may your demise bring the beast in BF3! don't disappoint now DICE!

NaiNaiNai3772d ago

I hate this whole point of sales.

Ico had a sequel, and there is even a new game coming out by them, and not even one of those sold amazingly.

CrIpPeN3772d ago

I loved Mirror's Edge, but it sure had some problems.

Music was superb in that game.

Shang-Long3772d ago

hey hey hey sony.. buy the ip from dice. and at least make it into a psn title. with just time trials or a full game

Nicaragua3772d ago

The difference is that Ico cost very little to make, with a very small development team. So despite the fact it did not sell well it still made a profit - add on top that it was critically acclaimed as a piece of art.

Mirrors Edge clearly wasnt profitable, used a good chunk of EA's resources that could be used on more profitable projects, got an OK-ish reception with many people praising the concept but complaining that the game was otherwise dull.

Theres your answer.

paintsville3772d ago

Well I wasn't a big fan of the first game. But I have to agree that the game probably could have benefited from the use of the frostbite engine.

dabri53772d ago

I would rather them can the game early cause it wasn't turning out good then to force a not so great sequel. I don't see this as a bad thing.

Now if they said, oh the game was turning out great, but we canned it cause we want to make another Madden, then I'd be upset.

AyeGee3772d ago


I don't think we're in a recession.. i think we're in a bit of a "slowdown".

Dee_913772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

well they said the prototypes were disappointing
so I would rather them can it and start again than release something crappy tbh

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Christopher3773d ago

Don't see what's to be angry about if the early prototypes failed to show any worthwhile gameplay. I'd rather they can a game than put out a really crappy one that doesn't live up to the first.

Christopher3773d ago

Proper translation has been updated. The project isn't "canned" but "halted". The people were put to work on another project.

More than likely they need help getting another item out the door and want whomever is managing the other project to help manage this one as well.

Typical project management, so nothing to worry about for the loss of the franchise.

snipes1013773d ago

Well I think the biggest shame here is that they couldn't do anything good with it. If they are lacking in creativity for such a potentially great universe (the bleached out, outrageously clean, big brother feel was unique imo) but can churn out yet another shooter (no matter how impressive the tech behind it is), it is a sad testament to game development today.

saladthieves3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

WTF!!!... I was looking forward to a sequel to Faith's parkour running sessions...Damn you EA!

stuntman_mike3773d ago

best button i ever pushed.

Gen0ne3773d ago

@egidem: Hahahahahaaaaaaaa! Thank you!

saladthieves3772d ago

@Megatron and above. You can push the button as many times as you want...go ahead, go crazy!

Seriously EA just disappointed me with this move.

cb4g3772d ago

Thanks egidem, that put a smile on my face after hearing crappy news =)

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Blaze9293773d ago

When was this even announced to be in development? I missed that one.

RememberThe3573773d ago

The article says

"'The project has been stopped - involved parties at DICE are working on something else now.'"

"Stopped" in not canceled. And until we don't have to translate it I'd just wait for an answer in English.

zeddy3773d ago

i dont think many picked up mirrors egde day one but bought the game pre-owned like me, it was a slow burner this one so mirrors edge 2 would sell atleast 1 mil + now.

BlackTar1873773d ago

i loved Mirrors edge 1 and this is really sad news even if it wasn't "CANCELED" i was hoping for something this year. Oh well BF3 is gonna be beast

97gsx3772d ago

I picked it up day one and got a pretty decent man purse from gamestop. No I am seriously disappointed from ea.

Eyeco3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

the sequel to the most innovative use of the first person perspective this gen has been cancelled ? guess where gonna have to go back to boring grey generic military shooters now. I official have no hope for FPS anymore.

Brian52473773d ago

N4G never fails to disgust me. I say I'm genuinely upset that one of the more unique titles of this generation won't see a sequel and receive 10 Disagrees? For shame, trolls.

TBM3773d ago

Man this sucks I loved part one for me it was one of the underrate gems this gem.

jerethdagryphon3773d ago

thats disapointing :( i loved mirrors edge

3773d ago
CryofSilence3772d ago

This is a game that really needed to happen. It had so much potential for innovation on the original. It's too bad everything in gaming is determined by money and guns.

xAlmostPro3772d ago

WTF :( They should have cancelled or cancel the next Medal Of Honour, thats what i'd call disapointing, it was like 90% a BFBC clone -_-

Do EA own the rights to this or could the owners take it to another publisher?

Jockamo3772d ago

ea you guys are dumb and would have realized that a sequel would have definitely brought a bigger crowd to the franchise. games like Sims Outdoors? and Deathspank? Gimme a break.

Mirror's Edge only needed a few tweaks and a longer campaign for it to be a major success. I absolutely loved the game and totally bought into the Mirror's Edge universe.

It's one of the few games that I can pop in today and still be impressed by the design.

Please have alternative plans to revitalize this franchise and don't let it become the next Duke Nukem Forever...

Vherostar3772d ago

The first game was terrible and sales showed that why they started working on a sequel is beyond me?

DevastationEve3772d ago

Mirror's Edge had a lot of potential in my eyes, I just hate to see something so new and fresh be so wholly denied its chance to become one of the greats.

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xtremexx3773d ago

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo

solar3773d ago

man i was excited for more Mirror's Edge :(

tdogchristy903773d ago

It was NOT canned. At least I don't believe so. More put on hold so they can focus on battlefield 3. I still have hope, and I'd love to see a mirrors edge 2!

PS-_-GAMER3773d ago

F**********************....... F**********************...... U Dice nd EA.

xAlmostPro3772d ago

No that's what was said, but now it's revealed that it has been canned :(

sickbird3773d ago

I didn't even know it was in development