BioShock Exclusive Q&A - Story, Emergent Gameplay, and Optimizing for the Xbox 360 and PC

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Captain Tuttle4532d ago

Some news about this game. I was starting to get nervous. This is one of my "must haves" for the 360.

xboxlj4532d ago

I too was getting worried. I felt that they may have gotten a little over their head with this. Another must have title. So many games coming out in the next year. I guess the kids college fund will have to wait. LOL

headblackman4532d ago

if these pics are accual game footage im certian that the xbox360 is a powerhouse to be recking with :) im soooooooooooo glad i decided to get an xbox360

SEER4531d ago

Bioshock is a really deep game for a shooter. A must buy exclusive for sure.

Jay da 2KBalla4531d ago

Another AAA title for 360. Damn!