Devs talk muliplayer, King Kong. Wii, Leipzig, and more.

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slugg5377d ago

When it first came out on N64. Payed almost $100.00 for it, but after the first time I shot a bad guy in the neck and he clutched his spewing anatomy and gurgled to death as he fell, I almost jumped out of my chair. Even with the fogging, repeated textures, etc. I loved that game, and my anticipation for Turok 2 (which ran in hi-res with the expansion pack!) was not surpased until Halo 2's massive hype machine. Turok 2 was a great game, although not revolutionary any more like the first one, but things went downhill from there. My God, 2007 might see two things come to pass that I never expected; another good Turok game and Sony in last place in the console wars...