Latest DJ Hero 2 DLC brings Pendulum Mix Pack

Nintendo Universe writes:

Activision have announced that they are to release three exclusive additions to DJ Hero 2's award-winning mix list, featuring Australian electronic music act Pendulum.

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Dsnyder4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Im glad this franchise is dying. Guitar hero was great but DJ Hero was just seemed it was trying to hit the minority group that Guitar hero could not. Yeah people like rap sadly but that doesnt mean it can be turned into a game because rappers dont use instruments. They use synthesizers, which you cant really put into a game. That whole "guitar hero for black people" thing was probably the most racist marketing scheme since the invention of rap itself.

CernaML4899d ago

You have obviously never played this game. How do I know? 'Cause what you said shows that you have no idea what you're talking about.

plb4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

I never liked rap, at least the mainstream, gangsta stuff but even more so these days. All rappers today do is rip off old songs change up some of the lyrics and profit. At least back in the 90s and 80s and such they came up with their own material. That said, I'm not saying all rap is terrible. I love a lot of the music that has the elements of rap in it. Massive attack for instance is just excellent.


Top 10 Games of Last Generation Countdown - Number 8

The games of the last generation were amazing and the COGconnected team decided to get together to countdown their favorites. Here we go with number 8...

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Retroman2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

"Top 10 Last Generation games ?" How about games from 1988 -2002 Waaaaaaay better than Crapfest out now.

Snes,Ps1,ps2 said Hello.

Digital_Anomaly2713d ago

Well, that would be a different article then wouldn't it? Just because there's a focus on last gen doesn't mean we've forgotten about games older than that it's just not what this series of articles is about.


DJ Hero is FreeStyleGames' more solid music series

While FreestyleGames is working on the new Guitar Hero, it isn't the music series we need. Instead, Tony Nguyen at G4@Syfygames believes that it should've been DJ Hero that rose from the grave.

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Cancelled DJ Hero: After Party Revealed

Unseen64 has delved into DJ Hero: After Party, a game intended to be released on Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 before it was cancelled by Activision.

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