IGN Preview: Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

When we got word that Rockstar Games would be supporting the Wii, everyone had the same thought; Rockstar Table Tennis is essential on this system. Well apparently great minds think alike, as we shortly caught wind that Rockstar would not only be bringing it uber-violent Manhunt 2 to Nintendo's new console, but also the PS2 hit Bully and Xbox 360's Table Tennis. We now have the final version in-office, and after putting in a ton of volley time we've come to find that, while not perfect, Rockstar's latest - or should we say "first" now that Manhunt has been delayed - Wii effort is still a ton of fun to play.

If you've had a chance to play the 360 version of the game you should already know exactly what to expect content-wise from Rockstar's Wii effort. The game features the same list of characters, same venues, and all-around same gameplay as its predecessors, delivering exactly the same content across the board, minus the online play. You'll pick your player, rock some training, exhibition, or tournament play, and eventually begin unlocking more outfits, characters, and venues to enjoy. The game is simple in concept, not all that deep - it is, after all, based on ping pong - but entirely multiplayer-focused in competitive, hard-knocks gameplay. This is your older brother's idea of a "deep game," not your WoW-playing uber-nerd friends from school. If you don't find depth in mastering the gameplay and smoking friends time and time again, Table Tennis may not be your game.

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