Top Ten Villains This Generation

This console generation has been full of memorable journeys that pit good vs. evil, David vs. Goliath, spaghetti vs. milk, etc... With that in mind, we felt compelled to compile our favourite villains of the last several years, in alphabetical order.

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mephman4493d ago

There have been a ton of good ones, although I would have probably preferred Vidic to Rodrigo Borgia.

MintBerryCrunch4493d ago

even tho he wasnt the main villain...Scarecrow in AA was the best in the game imo....


pretty sad when Killer Croc basically ripped him to shreds

Syaz14493d ago

he's not dead actually.

ShawnCollier4493d ago

GlaDOS has to be one of my most favorite villains ever.

Sanrin4493d ago

I really need to play that game...

JDouglasGU4493d ago

you really should, it's fantastic.

Hardedge4493d ago

The only one on that list that truly scares me is GLaDOS.

tweex4493d ago

Pope Alexader, the man had it coming.... :)

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