Hail to the Chief: A History of Bungie Studios

Halo 3 hits tonight -- celebrate the launch with AMN as they take an in-depth look at the company behind the trilogy.

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Caxtus7505844d ago

wikipedia.....i mean this is not needed. Still interesting though


Bungie's 'Marathon' Gameplay Loop, Features, Progression, And More

Insider Gaming exclusively reports some early details on Bungie's new Marathon game, including its gameplay loop, features, and more.

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Redgrave97d ago

Kind of a shoot yourself in the foot before the race starts kind of statement. I've yet to see the crowd excited for GaaS titles. I've seen the hype for this fizzle out and die on discovery it was a GaaS after reveal.

A tall order to claim and live up to, with so many (myself included) sick of the extreme nickel and diming the industry has now.

bababooiy97d ago

Its not so much that people are tired its that most already commited so much money and time into some of these games they rather stick to that. Which is why all these new live service games fail miserably, weve seen literally dozens of fairly hyped new titles get shut down this year.
Its unrealistic to expect people to even have enough money to just be dumping hundreds of dollar on skins in multiple titles like that.

S2Killinit97d ago

I highly doubt that this is failing though. Its Bungie, game looks to be exciting with plenty of quality, and this is the maker of Halo, and Destiny we are talking about. I’m going on a limp and guessing that it will be another success for them.

BrainSyphoned97d ago

Sony bought Bungie to make live service and help advise their other live service games in development. What led you to believe it was going to be something else?

King_Noctis97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

But why does it have to be live service though? That is the real question. This game could have easily be a single player+multiplayer game in a whole and complete package. If it is done well, who knows, it could even be the COD’s replacement that Sony is looking for.

JEECE97d ago


Unfortunately if it was a standard 2000s-style single player+ multiplayer game, the community would be whining three weeks after launch that there isn't enough support and that they sent the game out to die. People have been so trained on live service games now that they can no longer play a multiplayer game because it's fun. It has to be about the progression system, skins, characters, and changing maps.

CrimsonWing6997d ago


Read this and you’ll see why:


It’s pretty disgusting, but it’s all about the money. Ol’ Jimbo is doubling down hard on this sh*t.

S2Killinit96d ago

Im personally really excited for it. It looked like it will be amazing and the lore behind this is epic apparently.

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JEECE97d ago

The problem is that you can't make a multiplayer game that isn't a live service now, because if you aren't constantly churning new maps/skins/characters into your game, people will say your game is dead and that you released it and abandoned it. The community unfortunately wants games to be live service games, it just doesn't like the terms "live service" or "games as a service."

Sniperwithacause97d ago

Nailed it!
They want games to stay fresh, but hate the terns "live service ". It's either constantly evolving the same game to keep up the player count, or make sequels of the same game with content that could have simply just been added their original game.
Some games get deducted in review score for being to similar from the previous game in the series. Double edged sword is all it is.

Lightning7797d ago

So basically the industry back themselves into a corner by creating live service, games now all these kids, teens 20 something's need to be catered to? Churning out maps, skins, weapons events in a quicken fashion?

Not that I play Halo or anything but back during the early Halo days gamers had no issue waiting for new maps and objectives Halo Infinite backlash was the fact they were too slow to provide content, though the early Halo days it was acceptable back then.

Yeah we definitely live in different times now.

JEECE96d ago


I mean, unfortunately, yes. And the sad thing is that it's not just the teenagers/early 20s people ruining everything. I have friends in my age range (30s) who like me grew up on more standard style multiplayer games, but they've had their brains broken by COD and Destiny. Thanks to those games, people no longer see the point of playing a game unless they are working towards earning something, whether it is loot, guns, or leveling up. Multiplayer has become so much more about the metagame of progression than the game itself that most people would feel like they are "wasting time" if they played a multiplayer game simply because it's fun.

ABizzel197d ago

I don’t think any crowd gets excited for online multiplayer games outside of the few cars games until they try it. At one point CoD wasn’t what it is today, Fortnite wasn’t what it is today, and Apex wasn’t what it is today.

None of those games were these multi-billion dollar annual franchises when they were first revealed, they grew following and skyrocketed. Sony and Bungie are looking for theirs, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s not at the cost of their blockbuster AAA games.

All their studios have their AAA Blockbuster IPs,and I’m sure some are working on new ones as well, so it’s not a huge concern if they also are each secretly working on 1 Live Service or MMO-lite game IMO.

Noskypeno97d ago

There's nothing wrong with them wanting a share, the problem is why did it have to be Marathon? A game that had deep lore for it's time, to only be a multiplayer game doesn't make sense. After the trailer I was hoping they would take notes from Doom 2016 or atleast make it a story driven game. After learning that it's MP only, I was like whyyyyy? What is so hard about making a SP game and adding MP on top of that?

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blackblades97d ago

Maybe you should explore more then just this site

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Bobertt97d ago

Seeing how they ruined Destiny with microtranscations i have little hope for this.

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Fonsecap97d ago

I bet it will, it will have the most micro transactions in than any other game, and they'll be much more expensive, call of duty charged you for a red dot? Well prepare yourself because they will charge you to be able to turn left, so buckle up for the ultimate live service experience fellow gamers

luckytrouble96d ago

I wish I could say this was far off, but man the state of Destiny 2 really drives home that they'll go out of their way to make a confusing, predatory model for everything they do with absolute certainty. If you just want to see the tip of the iceberg, I encourage anyone to look at the current Destiny 2 Steam page and tell me you understand what exactly you would even have to buy to have all the current content. It's a horrible mess made to confuse people and take as much money as they can get.

If anyone wants to see the iceberg explored though, this video gives you a good idea of what you can expect Marathon to turn into no matter what it looks like right out of the gate: https://youtu.be/nsIdPWB2_J...

Becuzisaid97d ago

Says the people who had to rebuild Destiny after a complete failure out of the gates.

Angyobangyo97d ago

And they succeed in rebuilding the game. The concurrent player base remains very active. A studio is allowed to learn from their mistakes.

Becuzisaid97d ago

Oh yeah I definitely agree, I was just saying that I've seen this confidence before.

DeusFever97d ago

Destiny was a big success out of the gate! It was a complete failure after the first lap. What really made Destiny a success in long run was Destiny 2 going free2play. Now Destiny is eyeing the finish line.

CoNn3rB97d ago

As someone who plays Destiny religiously this statement hits the nail right on the head. Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 had serious problems right out of the gate that were only solved with the release of the year 2 DLCs (Taken King and Forsaken).

I hope that Bungie have learned from their mistakes and apply what they learn to Marathon because I'm kinda interested in it. As an ex fan of Tarkov I like the extraction shooter genre but most attempts have either been done by smaller studios that can't keep up or tacked on modes by triple A devs that get abandoned pretty quickly. A seasoned studio putting all their cards on the concept could make a great game.

With Bungie's history I can see this being disappointing on release but a year later it's a great game. I hope they knock it out of the park day one but until I get more information on the game it is only hope at this time.

CrimsonWing6997d ago

I’m out. I am not a fan of this focus on GaaS games.