Marvel VS Capcom 3 review: Game Informer

Like the X-Men’s Jean Gray, the fighting genre has risen from the ashes. Capcom is leading the fiery rebirth, finding success with Street Fighter IV by distilling the 2D fighting experience to its essentials, making it pretty, and hosting terrific online play. Since its announcement last April, hungry fighting fans have waited impatiently for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, hoping the company can hit it out of the park again. You can stop worrying. The long-awaited sequel will keep d-pads warm and arcade sticks clacking for months to come.

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plb2830d ago

There is that game informer review everyone was waiting for. Great score BTW. Kind of tempted to pick it up but have always been more of a SF/MK kind of guy.

Dno2830d ago

Awesome game i get it tomorrow and il be playing it for the next ten years just like the 2nd one!!!

Fatal Blow2830d ago

Damn i get my copy on wednesday us uk gamers have to wait hopefully i get it 2moro in the post that would be awesome

HelghastDrake2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

waiting for the REAL fighting game Mortal Kombat, i hate these japanese anime cartoon fighters like this and Street fighter

balanced? street fighter was one of the most unbalanced piece of crap games i ever played. Go online and play a few matches with guile and try to win. all the noobs just get ryu and sagat and spam moves. I also hate the art style of these games.

I like real man fighters like killer instinct and mortal kombat.

Baka-akaB2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Real ? Mk was considered mostly casual and unbalanced so far . It's no wonder it was absent from every major fighting games tournament till evo 11 .

I can understand prefering one style to another , but please lay off the childish remarks like that

Gohadouken2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

the "real" fighting game didnt even know what it wanted to be for at least 6 games , wandering between weapons and stances lalaland , action platform crap , focusing on mini games greater than the actual gameplay itself (like Chess mode) , adding awful and uninspired new characters no one will remember , and at last a mediocre crossover with DC .

It's only now finally reviving , as a game that should maybe even be called Mortal Kombat 4 .

CaptainGreece2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Capcom use to make a lot of M rated fighters now there making casual fighting games but you can't blame them money is more important even thou Mortal Kombat is going to sell really well being M rated and all.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 isn't M rated and it is a blast to play i just can't help thinking with this game its only the beginning 10 years waiting for the beginning to start LMAO.

Optical_Matrix2830d ago

The real fighting game? The one thats been irrelevant for about 3 generations, maybe more. Which Street Fighter game was unbalanced. I dare you to play SFIII or II and tell me they're easy.

Redempteur2830d ago


thanks for the laugh ..MK was nothing for how many years i've lost count ..a game whose only selling point is gore.
And even with that .it failed to grab any kind of attention ... that's how deep MK is /s

even dead or alive is more played than MK ...

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GunofthePatriots2830d ago

anyone getting it at midnight woo!!??

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