Indie Games Need Achievements

GameplayToday discusses why Xbox Live Indie Games should get Achievements, and how it benefits nearly everyone.

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Kran3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Yes and No.

1. Indie Games are games that can vary. I mean you have "companies" with just 1 person in it, and that 1 person may not know how to implement them in.
2. They're games that are around 80MSP. I mean how many achievements could be afforded? 1 or 2? Not exactly worth implementing if its just a couple.
3. Achievements are still fun so it "might" be good.
4. I would agree it would boost sales
5. But they're called Indie games for a reason. Yes, they're independent games, but over the years, indie games have gone into the back of peoples minds as "the small games with no achievements"

wwm0nkey3745d ago

Its rumored to be included in XNA 4.1 as well as Kinect support. obviously achievements will need to be reviewed if they do this though.

charlescox43745d ago

I think they should definitely add achievements. Think about how many Indie games would sell to "achievement whores" knowing they could get achievements for a couple bucks.

hano3745d ago

The whole point of indie games is that they provide creativity and good gameplay with a limited budget.

I would rather the limited resources are spent on polish and the actual meat of the game rather than something redundant like achievements.

So no, we don't need achievements with indie game unless they are established and the developers feel they can patch it in.

Aloren3745d ago

It's not like adding achievements will take that many resources... and they should get achievements, that would really help the sales.

guigsy3745d ago

I guess if it helps sales of these games then achievements should definitely be added.

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