New Lost Planet Trailer from Leipzig GC!

Simply stunning.

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General5378d ago

Even though I am a sony fan I have to say that was bloody AMAZING!

xboxlj5378d ago

I am glad that you are man or woman enough to admit it. Maybe we can convert you. LOL

Jay da 2KBalla5378d ago

Yet another great 360 title. Damn

babypheonix5378d ago

It said for xbox360 at the end of trailer not only.

ironwolf5378d ago

Phoenix, dork. Lost Planet is 360 exclusive.

TheMART5378d ago

Too bad. The PSZero can't even handle it, but it is an exclusive on 360 anyway.

PSZero can only play BR movies the games are not important to Sony

Jay da 2KBalla5378d ago (Edited 5378d ago )

And? Lost planet is a 360 exclusive. Stop wishin sony fanboy.

Ken Kutaragi5378d ago

I want it! And after my purchase of 100 xbox 360s I will be able to play it all day long!!! Cant wait until we bribe the makers of the game for publishing rights!

your friend and enemy, Barbie Ken.

silent ninja5378d ago

in you dreams ........ ken

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