Nintendo Wii Will Dance With Samba de Amigo

The latest issue of Nintendo Power is reporting that the hit Dreamcast title Samba de Amigo will be shaking its maracas in a new installment on Nintendo Wii.

In the predecessor to games like GameCube's Donkey Konga, "you'll shake the Wiimote and nunchuk as you would the maracas (naturally), and the soundtrack will feature a mix of new and classic tunes."

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ItsDubC4046d ago

So Gearbox is developing Brother in Arms: Double Time for the Wii and also the new Sambe de Amigo game? Interesting portfolio...

Rooftrellen4046d ago

Interesting, but good.

Games that appeal to everyone is what the Wii is all about, and diversity of games, from their source, is a great sign that it can and will happen.

Lumbo4046d ago

imho the nunchuk cable is a bit on the short side for the real Samba de Amigo feeling :p
They should rather make a new set of maracas

djt234045d ago

i love this game on dreamcast matter fact i still have it
it going to be ans.....