Dragon Age II Goes Gold, 55 Mins Of Footage

RockPaperShotgun: ""One day, in the distant future, we will have online meetings, conversations and indeed demos of games that don’t begin with. “Uh… uh… yeah… I think so, yes, just give me… Hi! I think things are working now? Can you hear me at your end? Yes? Good, great, let’s get started.”

A new walkthrough live chat trailer thing has appeared for Dragon Age II, which is out in precisely one British month. It’s a good chance to see the game running as it really runs, rather than in a smooth, rehearsed sequence. It’s narrated by Mike Laidlaw, who is great, and I think is being played on a 360, which is less so. But hey ho, it’s a remarkable 55 minutes of footage, accompanied by the silently heckling crowds of chatroom onlookers. And it’s gone gold today! Which is good news, since PC Gamer’s review is already with subs."

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dc14901d ago

I have been 'Jonesing' for DA2 for quite some time.
By far 2011 is a wallet breaker!

.. I don’t feel like counting the ways.. Its both exciting and depressing.

Necro-4901d ago

i thought this was run on a pc considering you have an actual skillbar...

Blacktric4901d ago

Of course it is running on PC. You can even clearly see the mouse cursor and as you've said, the skillbar clearly. Console versions have radial menu. Not a skillbar. I mean this is pretty embarrasing, considering a writer, working at an RPG related website, saying something silly like this.

MisterNine4901d ago

Not interested. This will be nothing like DA: Origins. It's like Mass Effect with swords. Your character creation options will be limited to class, gender, face. Always human. Always the same background.

Blacktric4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )


Were you one of the guys who were crying about how Fallout 3 will be Oblivion with guns back in the day, by any chance?

Bebedora4901d ago

I found 'cassius' or what he was called very familiar. Almost like a son of Cailen. (Names may be some what miss spelled).

Oh well. I have goose bums. Bring it on! Bioware, we are not worthy!

Karlnag34901d ago

You sick bastard! How could you chop the rear ends off of those poor birds?!

Bebedora4898d ago

Uh, someone had them for dinner the day before.


EA Made Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC Free On PC By Retiring The BioWare Points System

Immersed Gamer writes: "In order to replace the oppressive BioWare Points system, EA is making a large portion of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC catalogs free for PC users.

For those of you blissfully unaware, EA and BioWare employed a payment system called BioWare Points on PC to pay for DLCs for titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. While PC gamers have been struggling with BioWare point’s unfair conversion rates and extremely scarce and cost-detrimental sales.

Console players have been allowed to purchase content in pieces through the appropriate Sony and Microsoft shops. For real money, and not BioWare monopoly bucks. In turn, console players missed out on some DLC content, such as Mass Effect 2 pre-order bonuses that have been repackaged into a DLC pack."

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TinkerNation729d ago

Great response to Ubisoft and their disgusting behavior. Ubisoft decide to take away DLC from people who paid for it, while EA give it for free to everyone when they realize their system sucks. Who would have thought that EA of all companies would be showing Ubisoft how it should be done (even if this is EA fixing their own mistakes as well).

Mobis-New-Nest729d ago

What goes around comes around and I promise you, Ubisoft will see their actions blow back on them when their diminishing sales numbers and stock taking a hit downward. That's the only way a company learns when they decide to be reactive instead of proactive.


All BioWare Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes: "There was a time that BioWare games were the biggest deal in gaming. The Canadian developer’s legacy of all-time classics is well known. Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, and Baldur’s Gate are some of the biggest names in gaming.

While BioWare’s quality has fallen off lately, there’s no denying the quality of titles in their portfolio. That’s why we’re going to dive in and rank every BioWare game from worst to best. By every, I do mean every BioWare game, even the ones you completely forgot about!"

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Orbilator888d ago

Ranked from worse to even more worse more like, they been on free fall for a fair few years now and I personally don't think any of there earlier games have aged well

autobotdan888d ago

Wow to think at one point in their history they made a Sonic the Hedgehog game..crazy

chicken_in_the_corn888d ago

Anthem is crazy underrated. I really enjoyed it. ME1 is Bioware's best imo

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Michiel1989888d ago

I actually put quite a bit of hours into Anthem but i dont think its underrated. It was a huge mess, server issues, gameplay issues, crashes, no endgame loop, too few different enemies, uninteresting gear. too few dungeons.

It for sure had potential and if they could have managed to keep the same gameplay of the classes but without the rest of the issues, this game could have been huge, but in the state in which it launched it was such a letdown. They partly fixed some of the issues, but it took too long. A grinding game like this needs to hook players from day 1.


'Dragon Age' and Why It Sucks to Play Cult Favorite Games

Delving into a well-loved game or series years after its release, when it already has an enthusiastic and devoted fanbase, can be incredibly difficult. People can be casually mean on the internet without intending to, and that happens a lot when you say you don’t like something they do. Fans of the franchise take their love of the game very seriously. They’re fervent and devoted, which has its charms, but it can also feel like you’re disappointing them when you decide their thing is not your thing.

Snakeeater251011d ago

All dragon age games are terribly boring

Kerppamaister1011d ago

Why'd you play DA2 if you thought 1 was boring?

Snakeeater251011d ago

Because of the reviews, I thought they could do better specially gameplay wise and the third one was even worst

spss111011d ago

I've never been able to complete a Dragon Age game. They always felt too rigid in design. I eventually think "why am I playing this over Witcher 3?" or pretty much any other rpg.

arkard1011d ago

The same reason you read a different book, or watch different movies. Different world, characters, lore and story.

jeromeface1011d ago

Idk, because maybe you completed the witcher 3? Not all of us like repeating a game over and over just because its the best in genre.

spss111011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Never found the story or lore of DA interesting. Inquisition was just generic evil dude with demon army wants to conquer world and you're the chosen one.

I've played through Witcher 3 once, at the same time I was playing DA Inquisition. Hence the example. I never finished Inquisition and went on to complete Witcher 3.

Yui_Suzumiya1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Well the first bored me but I loved 2 and 3. I could never get into The Witcher or Elder Scrolls but I enjoyed those as far as medieval themed RPG's go.