Back to the Gameboy Days?

JI writes: "CTA Digital announced recently that it is determined to take us back to the Gameboy days. Okay those weren't their exact words but honestly who wants to hear that once you pick up your Nintendo 3DS you can look forward to doing such things as buying backup styluses, neck straps, tote bags, 5-in-1 starter kits, 18-in-1 premium packs, my head is already spinning from the peripherals that are available and the unit hasn't even dropped yet!"

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R2D22809d ago


Looks like something out of Star Wars Lego.

SpaceSquirrel2809d ago

The 3DS is already expensive to begin with

fromasterjay2809d ago

I had all those accessories! Hahahaha!

SeNiLesBack2809d ago

Looks like a transformer!

George Sears2809d ago

Oh my I remember purchasing those huge lenses. I think they also had a switch where you could turn a light bulb.

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The story is too old to be commented.