“We look better,” The Witcher 2 dev calls out Dragon Age 2’s graphics

I was chatting with Tomas Gop (senior producer on The Witcher 2) last week while CD Projekt was in town to show off a new slice of its action-RPG. When the demo was done, I asked him directly: “How would you distinguish your game from Dragon Age 2?” Here’s what he said. [Evan Lahti]

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LunaticBrandon3777d ago

The game looks better thank most games coming out this year.

morganfell3777d ago

And it has it under the hood as well. I have been through The Witcher and experienced 3 of the endings. Best RPG I have ever played. The Witcher 2 will more than triple the number of endings to 16.

ATiElite3777d ago

16 endings, that's a lot of play throughs!

RedDead3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Best RPG you ever played? I must play this game...

nycrekid3777d ago

It's one of the best fantasy RPGs ever made the first one.

Motion3777d ago

Yeah, I do believe this statement entirely. The first Witcher looks much better than DAO, from what I remember. The second doing the same is no surprise to me.

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Wakka_3777d ago

The Witcher 2 will be better than Dragon Age 2 overall, just like how Witcher 1 was way better than DA:O.

SonyPS3603777d ago

What do you base this on?

Your opinion doesn't count by the way.

Motion3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Based on graphics, gameplay and story I'd assume :)

I mean, that is the general way to look at a game's overall worth. What would you base it on? Sales? :p

LMS3777d ago

The easiest way to avoid any concern is to buy both, which I will, but if I had to choose, my cash would be going to the witcher 2 no doubt!

SonyPS3603777d ago

Or you could do the sensible thing and see if's good before dropping money on it.

Kon3777d ago

I think Dragon Age don't need to rely on graphics to be a good game. DA1 was an horrible game(graphically talking) but it was an amazing RPG. Well, i will be getting both games.

KillingAllFanboys3777d ago

Ohh great a graphics war, can we just be

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The story is too old to be commented.