Top 5 PSP RPGs

"The PSP has - despite what some people insist - a seriously impressive library of great titles, especially RPGs. In fact, you could argue that the handheld has more quality role-playing games than the PS3 does. That’s why it was so hard to narrow this list down to just five games. These five, however, represent the best of the best on the PSP - not the most hyped or the most overrated (hence the lack of both Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)." -Mike Rougeau, GameZone/Kombo

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NewMonday2809d ago

Persona 5 needs to be re-released, it came late to the PS2 and a lot of players missed it.

RPG fans should search for it.

Yi-Long2809d ago

... but surprised that Disgaea isn't on this list...

SactoGamer2808d ago

P4 was an awesome game that many people missed. It'd be great to get it onto the PSP.

BigPenguin2807d ago

The only problem with P4 was that it took 2 god damn hours of text before you got to your first battle, and then another 1 hour before the game actually stopped holding your hand.

If they re-release it to the NGP, I am not sure I can sit through that again, my ADD made it almost impossible the first time.

256bit2808d ago

the psp is almost like the ps1 and ps2 days. they are loaded with JRPGs, but it sucks that most of em dont leave japan.

dollphfleck2808d ago

thanks for this post i love games, i have much more pc game and i like playing all these.

karlowma2808d ago

Good list. Crimson Gem Saga and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII are a couple others that I enjoyed immensely.

Relientk772808d ago

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

I want to buy a PSP JUST for this game

Tactics Ogre is THE BEST TACTICAL RPG of all time