Killzone: The Story So Far traces the bitter, bloody history of the seminal PlayStation series.

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cr1361242806d ago

Enough, just release the game already!!!!!

-Alpha2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

There is so much potential in story that GG can continue developing. Would love to see a new main character or perhaps a game that takes place in the past history. Of course, I'd love to play in the perspective of the Helghast as well

Tony-Red-Grave2806d ago

i JUST finished reading the time line and WOW killlzone has a great story makes you really hate the ISA,UCN, and most of all rico. theres so much potential to they can easily go to the best and do the 1st intersolar war, i might have said it wrong, but now i know the meaning of the helghast's mask.

BiggCMan2806d ago

Yes I agree, playing from the Helghast side would be great. You know, many people believe just because Killzone is an FPS, that the story is bad, or generic. Well that is far from the truth, because the story happens to be very good. What I love a lot about Guerrilla is that even though they focus heavily on the multiplayer aspect, they still put a lot of work into the single player story, and the end result is one truly epic tale. Killzone really does have it all: A great story that is very intense, very deep. FPS mechanics that are like no other. OUTSTANDING graphics. I am highly anticipating Killzone 3, not just for the great multiplayer, but because I want to know what happens after seeing the end of Killzone 2. The madness begins!

Tony-Red-Grave2806d ago

they should add the killzone timeline into the game for people who take the time to read

--------2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


Killzone fan with a MGS avatar? I owe you a beer, my good sir.