REMINDER - Poker Savings Time!

Just a friendly reminder from to set your calendar/watch for the free download of Xbox LIVE Arcade Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

The free downloading begins on Wednsday, August 23rd at 1:00 A.M. PCT...

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RBlaze4532d ago

thanks man.i had completely forgot bout this. Woulda been well angry if id just missed it! Good job dude

Twist964532d ago

This ties in on the exact date of the Lepsiq conference. I bet they'll be a quote from 360 bigwigs saying "the downloads in the last 24 hours". Thing is, that'll be boosted by this game.

I'm still downloading it. Who knows what we'll get at TGS!

Ken Kutaragi4532d ago

Heh, now Kaz Hirai doesnt have to come over to my house every Friday. He takes me to the cleaners every time though.

Dreamworker4532d ago

is this not already in 7 hours?

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