The Inevitable Death of Guitar Hero

Activision's over-saturation of this once-great franchise has caused its demise.

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Op242807d ago

These articles are a huge waste of time. NOBODY said anything about Guitar Hero dying until now so all of these articles are just looking for hits.

dredgewalker2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

True, but now I'm just waiting for the inevitable death of COD......and Bobby Kotick.

blizzard_cool2806d ago

Nah, CoD has time until it gets on the portable platforms. Then you know it's near the end.

Redempteur2806d ago

COd has already some titles on DS

ReBurn2806d ago

Actually there was lots of talk about the death of Guitar Hero and the decline of the music genre before the decision was made to halt development of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. The writing was on the wall when Warriors of Rock and Rock Band 3 failed to deliver.

Don't forget that Viacom sold off Harmonix after poor sales of Rock Band 3. The wheels were already in motion. People talking about it now are just trying to seem intelligent now that the predictions have come true.

PS3Freak2806d ago

I still think that Guitar hero had better song selection than Rock Band. That, unfortunetly didn't make it the better game though.