IGN reviews Sonic Rush Adventure

In 2005 SEGA and its Sonic Team showed us that the only Nintendo DS innovation they could come up with for their Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was to use two screens as a single, vertical display in a 2D scroller. Not an overwhelmingly creative use of the system, but that's perfectly okay because Sonic Rush ended up being one of the top 2D Sonic games for any platform. The publisher let that game simmer on shelves for a good while, waiting nearly two years to give the blue hedgehog an encore on the Nintendo DS. That follow-up is Sonic Rush Adventure; the lack of a number pretty much tells the direction of how far this goes as a sequel. Sure, there's a new story, new level designs, new characters, and new touch screen mini-games…but you know what? Even with all that new stuff, the sequel does have that overall feeling that it's just a recycling of the original Sonic Rush.

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