RUSE Gives Fans Bad News

The Official RUSE Facebook page has listed out a few questions that have been asked numerous times about the RTS. From the questions and the answers, it doesn't look like the team behind RUSE has much more they plan on "fixing" with the game.

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xxxAnubisxxx2805d ago

This is actually a really good game that nobody bought. Hope they continue making RTSs

GodsHand2805d ago

I bought it, I even bought the add-on, with the free one.

Christopher2805d ago

Nah, RUSE's biggest failure was being an RTS on a console. Like MMOs, the dominant group of such players are on PC where the best controls exist as well as the biggest group and thereby communities.

TheIneffableBob2805d ago

Most of the focus on development was put on the PC version and the PC version has the biggest community. The beta for the game was downloaded over a million times in just a few days.

AssassinHD2805d ago

I can't believe they made an RTS without naval units. That was fine back in the original Warcraft, but it is 2011 now. Naval units should be a staple.