Ign Reviews: Carnival Games

In case you didn't know, available for purchase at your local retailer are various party games for your Wii. "Oh stop talking crazy," you might say. "The Wii is a bastion of quality titles that anchor the hardcore gamer, exclusive of a multiplayer setting!" While this may be true in some cases, more often than not, Wii owners are finding many poorly produced, rushed, or uninspired party games landing on store shelves. While Carnival Games does have a certain degree of inherent charm and originality, it quickly falls into the deep, dark realm of mediocrity. It is never confused about what it's trying to be, but it doesn't necessarily do anything exceedingly well, either. Welcome to the midway.

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Spike474046d ago

now the wii has 5 killer apps out, carnival games, cooking mama, zelda, metroid, and paper mario!!!
I think people have so much fun with the wii they forget about the games they will never play if they buy it.
gta4,mgs4,halo3, FF, UT3, skate, and the list goes on and on
I chose the ps3 over the wii cause it had more mature games and gta4.
maybe next week i'm buying a 360 with halo3.

Rooftrellen4045d ago

It's funny that if anyone buys a Wii, they'll never play any PS3 or 360 games, but when you get a PS3, you're not limited to it alone.

Nintendo never made me sign a contract that I can't get another console, if I want, and if I have the money and another console has any games I'm interested in, I might get another one.

I'm stopped from playing Haze just as much as you're stopped from ever playing Halo 3.

The difference, it seems, is that you want to play Halo 3, while I don't care at all about those "great" games you list. The Wii does actually have enough quality titles out and on the way that I'm hiding from my friends because I'm more happy playing the Wii than going somewhere else to play Halo 3.