Review Round-up: Halo 3

GamerSquad hand-picks a selection of the countless Halo 3 reviews that appeared online today, and asks: Spend or Lend?

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Kuest4137d ago

Huh? is Halo 3 out yet? Reviews? What do you mean Reviews? What makes you think I care, @sswipe? I don't, how many times have I told you? Now go away and maintain your strategic position at 711, we don't wanna risk any overweight, employee relatives cutting in line- and don't wake me until the you-know-what arrives.

*crawls back inisde cave*

jaja14344137d ago

Damm you for killing his mood. That cave thing cracked me up.

StateOfRhodeisland4137d ago

im sure this people are all on halo's and Microsoft's D*ck that they will sit here and give halo3 100 or 10/10 or 5/5. to me, thats all bullsh*t. that sh*t looks as same as halo2. yeah halo2 was a great game (for x-box) but halo3 is supposed to be next-Gen so how can it look and be the same as the original xbox halo2? thats like a new Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid game come out on PS3 and be the same as those on PS2...that would be dissapointing, trust me. you halo fans should be dissapointed. i know that if i was one of these crazy fans waiting on that game i would be dissapointed to be getting as game that is pretty much 2 year ago's game (in what?) but whatever....enjoy ya RE-release of Halo2 on ya "next-gen" console. (IDIOTS).

Kuest4137d ago

What's going out there? Who's that talking? It... Jesus, it sounds like a Fanboy. Better hide, I need to keep safe from the bullsh!t. Just at least before Halo arrives. Yes, yes. After I play it, than let them talk. *hurries back inside*

aiphanes4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

They are not pissed that 30 percent of the xbox 360 consoles are defective....and they are not pissed that Halo 3 graphics are not that much better than Halo 2...and they are not pissed that it is only 16 player max multiplayer online...and they are not pissed that gears of war, which is about 1 year old has better graphics than Halo 3 or any other Xbox 360 game.

2008 is looking grim for the Xbox 360....Sure Halo 3 is going to sale...but it ain't gonna move a lot of Xbox 360 consoles....I hope they are making a Gears of War 2 for release next year....that will help...Its good that Killzone 2 is comming out next year...

As long as the gameplay is good...and I will like the Forge...this is what saved Halo 3...the forge....

Online wise UT3 is going to own Halo 3...

Kuest4137d ago

you guys just totally screwed the mood. WTF are you talking about? The reason why we gamers are not pissed is because HALO ROCKS. That's it, nothing more- no conspiracy- the game is simply just that good. And don't worry about 2008- Halo wars is coming (lol).

WIIIS14137d ago

Believe. Believe and Jump In. Its not too late.

jaja14344137d ago

Out of curiosity... Why do people keep saying KZ2 will sell consoles? I mean I have no doubt it will be a great game, but its popularity after KZ1 is kind of low and really if you knew nothing about KZ2 and saw it in a store would you give it a second look after you played KZ1? I would normally try and relate it to another game, but for the life of me I can't think of an example right now.

Anyways I really hope its a great game, that I myself might buy once the PS3 comes down to my price range, but sell systems? No it wont do that because of the current price of the PS3. I mean really would you pay 500-600$ for anther shooter?

However I bet that MGS4/FF13 combined will, especially FF13 in japan whew I bet that PS3 is going to fly there once it comes out.

MarioFromTexas4137d ago

I'm sure the multiplayer is great, just like Halo2 was no doubt...Let's get to the reveiw though, every reveiwer has stated that the team A.I. it terrible, the game is short, graphics are not on par with other FPS, story is lacking and gameplay is linear...Don't flame me just yet, but didn't, gamespot, gametrailers talk wonders about Heavenly sword but because it was short and an (action game) with no multiplayer gave it a 8/10...Grapics10, gameplay9, Presentation9, no multiplayer 5/10, 7-8 hours 5/10 overall score 8/10...Let's look at 8/10, Presentation 8/10, gameplay 9/10, lasting appeal 9/10 overall score 9.8/10(WHAT!!!!!)...Now do you see what I mean about double standards....There is no way in hell if Halo3 was on the PS3 it would get that score, they would of tore a new azzhole and gave it the proper score of 8.5/10 and noone could argue about that, but just like always these bias bastards have to make it obvious..Just like Halo2 multiplayer was great with minimal flaws and lacking single player the same has happen with Halo3

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004137d ago

I gauss thats why it gets great reviews.

power of Green 4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

Let them vent. People reading the reviews or people that have played the game look at these people as pathetic haters.

Halo is a trilogy that uses next gen hardware to improve the last battles in a epic ending I think the fanboys were expecting FF like spin offs.

It will be intresting to see what reviewers actually traveled to Seattle to see and play the game so they could give a review.

Stretchystrong4137d ago

Must be halo haters? I think they wrote their review to completely contradict every other review out there.

MarioFromTexas4137d ago

Is so far the only honest reveiw out...They state the obivious flaws and deduct points the way reveiwers should do. Terrilbe team A.I., Graphic not on par with other FPS, 8 hours story, linear gameplay and you xbots buy the 10/10 crap...Come on now, everyone within the next week will know the true story, that Halo3 is being overated. Look at how many leak article about the weak azz story have come out...The multiplayer is great, but the single player is lacking and it's a shame we don't get accurate reveiws...10/10 what a joke

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