20 gig PS3 back at Gamestop for $449

Well here it is, the 20 gig Playstation 3 back on sale in Gamestop for $449 and 5 free Blu ray movies.

Ps: It's not the same story as -
20 Gig PS3 Back on Market for $400?

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power of Green 4042d ago

Is this the same model that has less capabilities(not talking about HD rez or HDD's)

hella whip4042d ago

The product description doesn't mention wifi of memory card slots so i think this is the same as the original 20gb models.

hfaze4042d ago

It is the launch 20GB... With no WiFi or card readers. But then again it has full backward compatibility...

If only Sony would have just kept the 20GB model around, and dropped its price to $399.99...

barom4042d ago

man the other article was better. 20gb for 399 + you could get 20% off. which would come down to 320 but a bit tax and sumthin it got to around 350. 350 for PS3 + 5 free blu rays. that's a deal. made me hella mad I bought a PS3.

ReBurn4042d ago

There must have been some consoles held up in customs or found sitting in a warehouse somewhere. This is the second website that has started offering the system again.

perseus4042d ago Japan. At least, they seem to. It might just be that they've decided to sell all the Japanese boxes for the same price as in Japan to make room for the 40GB.

And I bought the 20GB. I have USB card reader which cost me the equivalent of 8$, and I don't use wireless. That version is perfect for people like me.

skynidas4042d ago

I think that sony will put this model on the market for holiday season

s8anicslayer4042d ago

those sneaky little rat's,I would rather pay 499 for the 60 gig,atleast you get wifi and mem slots

hfaze4042d ago

Agreed... The 20GB should be $399.99 (or lower)

A $349.99 20GB PS3 would sell well...

joeymp4042d ago

This is sooo freaking old news! And there was no $400 20gb ps3 on gamestop, it was always $450 after the 60gb price cut.

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The story is too old to be commented.