Breach: Worst FPS Ever? (Hooked Gamers)

Breach is a first person shooter that places you in an unspecified conflict where two teams - consisting of sixteen players at the most - face off with the common goal of killing each other. This is just about as unique as it sounds and even less exciting. The one main draw of this game was supposed to be its unparalleled dynamically destructible environments, and even that failed to live up to what it was alleged to be. That bad? Umm... yes.

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Christopher2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )


Found worse!

Navy SEALs: Weapons of Mass Destruction (18/100)

Gods and Generals (19/100)

Terrawars: New York Invasion (24/100)

roflcopters2810d ago

it goes to show today's review scores are fuced up when they claim a "worst" game gets a 5/10. would a 1/10 not suit the game better?

thebudgetgamer2810d ago

i remember x-play used to do a show once a year were they talked about games so bad they could not give a score.

SuicideShaun2810d ago

This and modern combat domination.

edwineverready2810d ago

You clearly did not play modern combat domination, because that game is a 8/10

SuicideShaun2809d ago

I did play it, I still have it on my ps3. But you're right, I can't have opinions. Mine must be what the review score is. No opinions for me. We all have to be sheep and follow what everyone else does.

frjoethesecond2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I like modern combat domination. It's way better than cod imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.