Review: Madden NFL 07

It's no surprise that this next-gen Madden is a graphic powerhouse, but with so many deep and innovative gameplay additions, it also might be the best Madden game to date.

Is it truly the best Madden yet, GamePro finds out...

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Ken Kutaragi5378d ago

I love playing Madden with the office guys. I always pwn Kaz. Im looking forward to facing Gates. Cant wait to get my hands on a copy.

Lucidmantra5378d ago

His name is William Henry Gates III, show more respect when speaking about the richest man in the world.. ROFLMAO. Kaz is everyones biotch in the bathrooms at Sony anyways, he works the glory hole like a champion.

2 more months till you can play Madden 07 on your PS3. And I think it would be funny to see the bigwigs at Nintendo, Microsoft and SOny settle whos the better games. 4 man teams and 2 games from each console.