Ubisoft Launch Tom Clancy Assault on PlayStation Network

Ubisoft has revealed an all-new promotion exclusively on PlayStation Network, in which a selection of Tom Clancy branded videogames now available at a greatly reduced price. From Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six VEGAS 2, there’s enough shooting action available to please any action game fan.

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mightyboot2807d ago

nah the crappy ports of splinter cell , r6 vegas and ghost recon for the PSP are a waste of money.

And Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for 20 is a joke.

Killzone3___2807d ago

rainbow six vegas was fun but rainbow 2 wasn't fun for me .... i remember playing a splinter cell on ps2 and it was good but don't worth buying it again .... i prefer buying splinter cell conviction again on the ps3 ...

knifefight2807d ago

Why would anyone assault the PlayStation Network? :(

DaTruth2807d ago

Because they're angry that it's better than Live! j/k

(no need to remove my bubbles and brand me a troll! It's just a joke!)

Dellis2807d ago Show

Only RSV2 for PS3? Hmm, waiting more Tom Clancy's games to be included to the promotion.

eraursls842807d ago

Rainbow Six: Vegas was great but Vegas 2 was just alright. Splinter Cell for PS3 wasn't all that good but GRAW 2 was pretty good. Out of all the Tom Clancy games for PS3 I think Rainbow Six Vegas 1 was the best gameplay wise but you can tell it was a launch title by the graphics if that turns you off, if it does your missing out on a great game.